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So I have had several cages, all with there own down sides.
Recently i got the vice mini chrome. After some shrinking now i can use the smallest ring attachment so its secure ive just never met a key holder,and got tired of bot key holders ; so i ran a wire thru the hole for a lock and around the entire device and crimped it with needle nose.
Then i poured super glue in and around any parts that would normaly attach and detach. Im gonna go back over it a few times.
How can i make it less escapeable im outa ideas.
My goal is minimum of a year without masterbating or sex if opportunity knocks. Im sure the thing will probably just break n fall off or ill ne tempted in about a WEEK but hopefully the only way to get it off is like doctors or firemen but ive never experienced a cage that can give that level of security,durability. If someone has ideas id appreciate the input
Ill let ya know if i fail lol crazy lacy out!😝


Well to be honest you’ve probably made it as secure as possible, without causing severe bodily damage. I honestly don’t think that there is much more secure then super glue. The only other thing you could try is super dangerous and will most likely cause harm.

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