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Racism and other *** - What to do


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So FETISH community, lets get your thoughts on the below.

If someone makes blatantly racist comments to another, what should the response of Fetish be?

A) Just block them. End of the matter


B) Block then AND escalate the matter to the authority for online hate crimes?

Thoughts? Curious to see which action improve fetish and society the most.


One of the strengths of the kink community is that it's open and non-judgmental. Fetish makes it clear that members should always be friendly and tolerant of other members and it has a zero tolerance of members that threaten, harass, stalk, or *** others - or express views that may be considered racist, bigoted, or hateful towards another individual, group, culture, race, religion, gender, sexuality - or kink. 


If you are subjected to any behaviour such as the above then you should:

  • Take a screenshot
  • Use the ‘Report’ function to let support know. Add notes to your report and upload your screenshot so the person dealing can see why you are reporting.
  • Block the offending user

Fetish will take action in line with its own TOU, dealing with the incident as it deems necessary. Due to GDPR the reporter will not be told what action is taken. 


If the victim wishes to report the incident to the authorities, it's for the victim to do so and provide the necessary evidence. Though it’s not impossible, without YOUR complaint, the authorities will have a difficult time investigating and taking action against the perpetrator. Naturally Fetish would co-operate with any investigation if approached by the authorities. 

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