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If You Were Here...

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If you were here, I’d take off your shirt, but leave it just so you couldn’t see me, almost like a blindfold. Then I’d slowly caress your chest, ever so gently grazing across your nipples. Then I’d start to kiss your chest, moving down your abdomen, and back up again. As I’m kissing your torso, I occasionally lick you here and there with my pierced tongue, and nibble on you as well. When I lick your nipples, I ever so gently blow on them, getting them hard. I slowly move my hand to undo and take off your pants. And what do I find? A long, hard, throbbing cock just waiting for me to touch and do other wonderfully delicious things to. I take him in one hand, and slowly stroke the long shaft. I use my other hand to fondle and grope the deliciously set of balls that hang below your long, hard cock. I kneel down in front of you. I begin to kiss him and your balls. As I’m kissing him, I smell your body giving off the musky pheromones that tell me you want more. I happily abide. I then slowly take my tongue and lick the tip, going in circles around it and flicking it as well. Then I lick him from the base all the way to the tip and back down again, making sure I taste and feel how much harder this makes you. I then lick the tip in a circular motion, and my barbell gently caresses the tip, which sends shivers down your spine. Then I take your shirt off the rest of the way so you can see what I’m going to do next. I then take your long, hard, throbbing cock and swallow him all the way up to the base, so your balls gently rest on my chin. I stick out my pierced tongue so I can lick one testicle and then the other all the while your long, hard cock is still twitching and throbbing in my warm, wet mouth. I move my barbell along the underside of him. This sends more shivers up your spine to where you want to cum, but you don’t want to just yet. I continue to do this until you can no longer stand it. You then release your warm, sweetness into my mouth. It fills my mouth up so much I have to swallow three times, of which I enjoy thoroughly because you taste so deliciously sweet like chocolate dipped strawberries. I continue to suck on you until there are no more sweet juices left to give. I lick him and your testicles clean. I kiss him ever so gently. I give you a soft smile of contentment, joy, and happiness. As I was sucking on you, I was slowly and softly touching my clit and my warm, soaking wet pussy with my fingers. I would slide a finger or two deep inside my pussy when your long, hard cock would throb and twitch inside my mouth. I was able to not only cum, but I also squirted as well.
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