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Photo Shoot - Dark Daddy


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Daddy texted Baby, what are you up to?


Boring zoom call.


On video?




Show me.


Baby sent Daddy a picture of her pulling down the front of her top.


I like it


Baby sent a picture of her in her bra, seated at her desk


Baby sent a picture of her in just her bra and panties, seated at her desk.




Baby sent a picture of her in just her panties by the window that opens to the front of the house, her huge perky tits on display.


Baby sat down in her chair and sent a few more pics.


No response.


All of a sudden a belt was wrapped around her neck and choking her.


You fucking whore the voice said.


You like showing off to the whole neighborhood. 

Flashing those tits to everyone who walks by.

Bet the neighbors saw you and are thinking about you being a whore with big tits for everyone to use.


Baby gasped, No....

But was cut off as the belt got tighter. 


Maybe we should turn on the camera for your zoom call? So your bosses and coworkers can know that you're a whole too.


He scrolled over the camera and the preview image popped up.


See. You look like a whole.


He tugged the belt up and she stood up.

He grabbed her tits and squeezed.

He slapped them.

He pinched her nipples.

He sucked her nipples.

He bit her nipples.

He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to her knees.

He fed her his cock.

He fucked her face. 

He tugged on the belt and ***d her and he rammed his cock down her throat.

He slapped his cock on her face. 

He rubbed his cock all over her face.

He fed her his balls.

He fucked her face hard, deep, and fast while she gagged and gasped for air.


He pulled her tonher feet and bent her over the desk.

He dropped her panties to her ankles and spread her ass cheeks.

He spit in her ass hole and started to rub it with his finger.

She pulled away.


He tugged hard on the belt. 

Want me to turn on the camera?


She stopped.


He slowly worked the head of his cock into her ass.

She moaned as he slid in, inch by inch.

He worked his cock in deeper.


She moaned louder.


How about I just turn on the audio?

All your bosses and coworkers can hear you moan while you get fucked in the ass like a whore.


She moaned more.


He fucked her ass harder and deeper. 

He tugged on the belt

He slapped her ass

He grabbed her tits.

Fucking whore.

Dirty fucking slut whore.


She moaned while he pumped her ass.


He grabbed her hair and pushed her to her knees. He stroked his clock right infront of her face and shot his hot sticky cum all over her pretty face.


On her knees, covered in cum, belt around her neck, he took pictures of her.


He sent her the pictures in a text message so she didn't forget that she was his whore

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