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Mr Hyde - the story continues


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Part 4 - time for some fun- the preamble 
(the dotting of the I's and crossing of the T's)

It's been possibly about 15-20 minutes when I turn off the shower and I know you've been waiting in the darkness of the blind fold but I'm feeling mischievous so I head to the kitchen instead of going upstairs. I know that you have seen all the toys on the table-the whips and floggers hanging on the wardrobe handles and the chain mounted to the ceiling and I grin at the thought of your mind turning cartwheels as to what will happen next as I pour milk into a cup to heat up in the microwave, add a spoon of vanilla flavored coffee grinning at the irony that I'm drinking vanilla coffee. I add two spoons of sugar and walk through the lounge and out into the hallway. I ascend the stairs as quickly as possible and enter the playroom in the same fashion. You are obediently kneeling, blindfolded, collared and wearing the cuffs unattached but hand resting in your lap. The cynical sadistic part of me- driven by Hyde thinks that you may have been pleasuring or touching yourself but I decide to disregard it 
"Now let's go over it one last time so it's clear, what are your safe words?" 
"red and yellow sir" 
"And what do they mean?"
"Red is if I've had enough or want to end the session sir- and yellow is for any adjustments or requests I'd like to make or if I want to take a break for a bit sir" 
"And if you can't speak- what 3 signals did I give you to act as a safe signal " I know full well I haven't told her them yet but in my mischievous mind I want to see her squirm for a second 
"Erm err I don't know sir I don't think you have, have you?" 
"No I haven't, I'm glad you knew that and was astute enough to say it " 
"Firstly just to be sure that you consent, are you happy to be gagged at any point or is it a limit for you, 
be it one your willing to try eventually or a complete no go ?"
"Im happy to be gagged sir" 
" ok well if you are gagged and you want to give a safe signal you should do as many of these three things as you can so as there's no misunderstanding that you are signalling -
The first two kind of work together and they are to shake your head in a no motion and say nuh uh nuh uh as loud as you can. 
The third is to click you fingers or tap or clap your hands 
"Yes sir" 
"Good my little fucktoy, let's have some fun "

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