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Dark Daddy's Dungeon (trigger warning)


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She was cramped in the dog cage on all 4s with a *** collar around her neck that was attached to the wire frame.


She couldn't turn around.


She couldn't sit all the way down. 


She had been there for hours.


She was only wearing thong panties.


Her skin was cold and her nipples were as hard as a rock.


Baby had borrowed Daddys Telsa to go shopping and backed into a cement pole in the parking garage.


Daddy wasn't mad, he was just disappointed in her.


Dark Daddy was furious.  DD told her, this is why we don't have nice things. DD put her in the basement. In the cage. With her *** collar on.


More time passed.


She heard him coming down the stairs and passing the dog crate.


I'm sorry Daddy.


He smacked the top of the cage.


It scared and startled Baby.


He sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

The rest of the basement was pitch black,except for the glow from the TV.


On the screen was a girl on her knees begging for cum all over her face. A cock shot cum all over her face and she moaned out.


See... that's a good girl.


Yes Daddy.


I'm not your Daddy the voice barked.


Yes Sir.


The scene changed and there was a girl screaming and moaning as a cock was being worked in her ass.


Another good girl.


Yes Sir, Baby said


He walked over to the cage the opened the door.

Leading her by the ***r over to the couch.  

She knelt by his feet.

He clamped her nipples and connected the chains to the ***r.


She groaned as he tugged on them.


He pulled out his cock and fed it to her.


You're such a pretty girl he said, with his cock in front of her face. 


He grabbed her head and fucked her mouth. And you swallow cock like a dirty fucking whore. He held her head and made her gag. 


He let go and she gasped for air.


Her eyes watering. Spit dripping from her mouth.


You're such a beautiful princess. He rubbed his cock all over her face. So pretty.  So pretty.


He grabbed the back of her head and fed her his balls.


Suck them bitch. Suck them.


Baby sucked hard on his balls.


She reached up and stroked his clock.


He grabbed the ***r and tugged.

She ***d hard and tried to scream as the clamps on her nipples were tugged.

All that came out was a wet gurgle.


Greedy slut. Cannot even listen to directions.


He stood her up and he sat on the couch.


Sit on my cock with your ass hole.


Baby squatted over his cock and slowly sat down. 

He grabbed the ***r and tugged hard.

Pulling her down on his cock. Deep in her ass.


She screamed out.


He tugged on the clamps.


She screamed more.


Watch the good girls on TV... they aren't streaming.  They are taking those clocks in their asses and loving it.


She moaned out. Yes sir.


He pumped her ass as she bounced up and down.

The weight of her big tit made the clamps and chains tug on her nipples with every movement.


Rub your pussy he said.


She rubbed her pussy while getting fucked in the ass.


Fuck Baby moaned out. Fuck!


His hands on her hips slamming her down on his lap as his cock filled her asshole. 

Rubbing her pushy.

Nipples being tugged on by the clamps. 


She scream out, I'm cumming. 

She came hard and squirted.

He juice shot all over the floor as she rubbed her pushy.


He pushed her on the floor.


Look at the mess your slutty pushy made.


He grabbed her by the hair and stroked his cock infront of her face.


He shot his big hot sticky load all over her face and made a huge mess. He squeezed out the last drops.


Baby fell to the ground panting.


She opened her eyes and he was gone. 


I few minutes later Daddy came downstairs. 


Hey Baby, I just got off the phone with insurance.  Apparently there was a sensor malfunction with the car. We are not at fault with the accident. 


Thank you Daddy she said with a smile

Apologies if it came across as rude, wannabes read it and think it's a reality, that all I meant
oh i agree Cass little over board on the punishment i think but he is going for that ending. this could be thier dynamic that works for them.
I find it interesting that I agree with someone and then they block me that's kind of harsh
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