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The Price


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She is my master. That is what I must call her. She says that we will have guests tonight and that I will have a chance to do something special. No play until then. So instead, I massage her. Every sigh, every squeak brings me joy.

The doorbell rings. She slides out from under me and walks to the intercom. She slips on a loose robe and tells me to kneel in my place.

A few minutes later, the door opens and in walks a man. Immediately I recognize him. I do not like him. I have heard he is exceptionally cruel. But... yes! He has brought his slave.

Oh she is magnificent. There are so many types of beauty. Some women look like they were born to command. Some women look like they were born to be kissed and cuddled. And then some, like her, look like they were born to be fucked. Hard. In every hole. Like they can only be complete with a hand on their throat and a cock in their ass.

Every time I see her, I stare. My master knows and teases me about it. She has even, on occasion, talked about what *she* would do to her if she had the chance.

After exchanging some pleasantries, my master announced that we will begin.

The man leads his slave over to the mat. She smiles at me, turns around and kneels down. I stare at her marvelous back. My eyes tracing those wonderful curves from top to bottom and back again.

He grabs her hair and pulls her forward. She is head down, ass up, in front of me. Her ass is a work of art. He ties her arms behind her back and removes her butt-plug. He whispers in her ear. She opens her legs. He walks behind me and leans against the wall.

"Fuck her in the ass", my master says. I look at her in astonishment. She sees my hesitation and simply smiles and nods.

I get behind her. I'm already rock hard. I cover her asshole and my cock in lube and then start to push inside her.

I feel her squirm a little. I hear her moan. She holds firm as I push deeper. Finally I am fully inside her. I look at my master, she is just smiling. I start to stroke back and forth.

It's everything I had imagined. I put my hands on her butt-cheeks and use my thumbs to spread them even wider. I stare at her bound arms. I know she is not mine but I can still enjoy her helplessness. I want to reach forward and grab her hair, pull her close to me and start pinching her nipples or reach down and torture her clit with my nails but I must do exactly what I have been told.

It's not long until I feel myself close to the edge. I must not come without permission. "Master, may I come inside her?"

"Not yet. Are you just about to?", she asks. "Yes, master."

"Eat her pussy", she commands.

I pull out and bend over and push my face between her legs. My tongue licks at her clit until I hear a moan. Then I start to lick and suck her lips from top to bottom, inside and out. When I get back to her clit, her moans are louder. I can feel her pushing her hips back, rhythmically trying to mash her pussy into my face. I wrap one arm around her and press my face hard against her. My tongue is deep inside her.

I pull back and start to suck on her clit. She is crying out now. Faster and faster. I hear her say, "Sir, may I come?" "No", he replies. "Fuck her ass again", my master says.

We repeat this over and over, each time shorter than the last, as we both get closer and closer to an unstoppable orgasm.

Finally, my master tells me to fuck her ass and I say, "Master, I don't think I can. I'm afraid I will come as soon as I push inside."

"Very good. Open your mouth", she says.

I show her my open mouth. From behind, he pushes a ring gag into my mouth. My master is smiling at my surprise. I feel him secure the gag in place.

"Isn't she exquisite?", she asks, "I hope you enjoyed that. You seem to have made her Sir rather angry. He knew what I had planned but he really does not like other men touching his toys. I expect you are going to suffer terribly for it. If it gets too much, as I'm sure it will, just watch me playing with her and know that your suffering is paying for my happiness. You want me to be happy don't you?"

I nod my head.

She walks over to his slave. She bends down and pulls her up by the hair, then she slips open her robe and pushes her inside. I hear a familiar sigh as the slave's tongue gets to work.

I feel a hand grip my hair roughly pulling me up on my knees. My master is still looking into my eyes. Keeping me still. Keeping me calm.

He pulls my hands behind my back. I feel cold metal on my wrists. I hear the click of the cuffs as they tighten.

My master nods at him. She stands his slave up and leads her to the bed, turning her back on me.

"What is it you said about her? Ah yes. She looks like she could only be complete, with a hand on her throat and a cock in her ass."

I feel him drop to his knees behind me. His hand grips my throat roughly, pulling me tight to him.

"Did it ever occur to you that someone might say the same about you?"

I feel his other hand drop down behind me. He pushes my legs wider apart and presses his cock against my asshole. His mouth comes to my ear. "I'm going to destroy you", he whispers.

Good story. You got what you deserve.
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