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Just friends


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You open the door to find me and her soaking wet and panting. “Hey… our car won’t start” I say, smiling shyly. “Could we come in and call a tow?” We’d just finished a scary movie marathon. “Of course!” You say “here let me get you some towels and dry clothes” You turn to leave when she reaches down and grabs your hand. “Don’t bother” she says, reaching for my cold wet waist, pulling me closer. “We’ll just huddle for warmth.”
I laugh, turning to her, when she kisses me softly. I kiss her back. Her tongue interlocks with mine as we start feeling each other’s bodies. Gently pawing at each others breasts before traveling downwards. You’re mesmerized. She pulls away from me and smiles. We both turn to you, eyes wide, wanting. She leans in and kisses you. When she pulls away, I lean in. Before long, our tongues are all intertwined together as we explore each other.
She lays down on the couch and spreads her legs, exposing her barely hairy cunt. I get on top of her and start kissing my way down to her beautiful pussy, stopping at each nipple for a little longer to hear her moan. When I’m between her legs, you get behind me. You start devouring my pussy as I kiss her thighs, teasing her, getting closer with each kiss, even going so far as to graze her clit with my bottom lip. She grabs the back of my head and starts riding my face. I eagerly succumb to her will.
You’ve moved on from my pussy to my ass. You spread my cheeks to get even deeper as you tongue fuck my tight hole. I moan into her cunt which makes her moan and push me in deeper. You slide a finger in my ass. Then two. With your fingers inside me, you rotate to her face and begin facefucking her. The sound of her gags make us both even hornier. We stay like this until she and I both cum and then you rotate back to me again, pressing your thick cock against my tight ass. I feel you stretching me as she slides down closer. Pop, your head is inside me. You start moving back and forth slowly, going deeper w each stroke. She grabs my hand and places it on her wet cunt. Then, she guides my mouth to her nipple. I begin sucking as I slip her clit between my fingers. You’re almost all the way in and you can’t control yourself. You slam your cock the rest of the way in, forcing me open. I yelp, but she ***s my head back instantly. I moan into her breast as you start sawing me open. You can see and feel my hole gripping your cock. Her hand begins playing with my pussy as I slide my fingers in and out of her, tickling her G spot as I rub her clit. You pin my other hand behind my back and I am held up only by your cock in my ass as I begin making out with her again, this time more aggressively, barely hiding our tongues wrestling between our lips. All three of us are moaning and panting with ecstasy as we reach climax together. You mount me as you cum deep inside me and I feel her cunt quake as I cum on your hard cock. We collapse into a sweaty heap on the carpet. 10 minutes go by before we realize no one called the tow truck. Time for Round 2 😈
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