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Training - Dark Daddy (trigger warning)


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Baby? Daddy called from the bottom of the stairs.


Daddy? Baby called back from the bedroom.


Daddy walked into the bedroom and Baby was getting dressed.


Daddy, what are you doing home? You said you were working late.


Yeah, but then I realized it was every night this week. So I picked up sushi and decided to come home and work later tonight. 


Oh, well, I didn't know you were coming home, so I made plans with Beth.


Oh? Well... cancel.




Ok.... how about a quickie before you go?


No. I'm dressed and don't want to get messy.


Blow job?


I said no.


Hand job?


You can jerk yourself off. I won't be out late. I have an early morning. 


Baby blew Daddy a kiss and headed out.




Baby was reading in bed when Daddy came into the bedroom.


Daddy crawled up the bottom of the bed. Kissing Baby's legs and thighs. He pulled down her panties.

Daddy licked Baby's pussy. Worked his tongue all over her. Ran his hands all over her body.


Daddy licked fast and hard. Baby came hard on Daddys face. He body pulsed and shook as he sucked her xlit. He kisses his way up Baby body.


Suck on me. Get me hard and wet so I can fuck that pussy, Daddy said.


Ummm.... really not in the mood to suck dick. Can't you just fuck me like Daddys fuckdoll.




Yeah, really. Don't want your dick in my mouth.




Baby was riding Daddy. DDDs bouncing while he squeezed  them and her ass slapping against Daddys body.


She screamed, dug her nails into Daddys chest. I'm cumming.  I'm cummming. 


Daddy grabbed her ass and pulled her in tighter and deeper. 


She flopped onto Daddy. Panting. She said, I want to make cum and feel so good Daddy.


Suck on me. Suck on me, and let me cum on your tips.


My pussy juice is all over your cock. I don't want to.




I don't want to suck your cock with my pussy juice on it. 




Baby woke up to loud moaning screaming sounds.

She rolled over and Daddy wasn't in bed.


It was pitch black in the house.  She made her way to the living room. On the TV was video of a big titty blonde woman sucking 3 guys off.


Baby turned off the TV.






Mother fucker she muttered.


She felt a brush behind her and then slammed up against the wall.


Owe she yelled.


Get off me!


His hand covered her mouth. 

Shut up bitch.


Baby struggled against him

He grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her back.

He grabbed the other arm and pulled it behind her back.


He attached zip ties around her wrists.


Get. THE FUCK off me ! She yelled.


He spun her around and slapped her.


Shut the fuck up.


She growled at him. 

He grabbed her by the throat and pressed her up against the wall.


She leaned forward biting at him.


He slapped her again


You just don't learn do you?


She fought against him.


He pressed her against the wall, grabbed her tits.


He squeezed her nipples.


She screamed out. 




He pushed her on her knees and grabbed her by the hair. 


He lead her to the living room in front of the couch.

He dropped his pants and sat on her couch infront of her.


Suck it


Fuck you. 


He grabbed her head and shoved his cock in her mouth. 


She moaned and shook her head.


You're mine. You're going to please me. You're going to learn to be a good girl.


He held her head down and made her swallow his whole cock.


Down on he knees, hands tied behind her back, he could use her any way he wanted.


He let her up and she gasped for air.


He rubbed his cock all over her face.


Suck it.


She took the tip in her mouth and sucked on it.


More, he said.


Baby only sucked on the tip. 

He reached over and pinched her nipple hard.


She swallowed the whole thing.

Good girl.


He held her head down.


She moaned and struggled.

He held it tighter.


He let her go.

You're so beautiful and pretty with my cock down your throat. 


Thank you sir.


He fucked her face.

Dirty fucking slut. This is the only thing your mouth is good for. You keep talking and talking, but you should be licking and sucking.


She moaned 


That's a good whore.


He pulled his cock out of her mouth and fed her his balls.


He stroked his cock while she sucked on both of his balls.


Such a good girl. Such a good girl.


He grabbed her by the hair and shot his load.all over her face.


Such a pretty girl with hot sticky cum on your face.


Baby leaned in and swallowed his clock sucking out the rest of his cum


Thank you, she said with a smile

Dam I'm trying to figure out how to send to my baby.
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