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When a Domme Lovebombs

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In the realm of D/s, a journey began,
A perilous and beautiful place of command.
Now released from chains, a Domme's hold untied,
Red flags fluttered, hurt on every side.

*** disguised in the play's dark dance,
Boundaries ignored, a ***ful circumstance.
In the realm of submission, I dared to dive,
A novice to vulnerability, hoping to thrive.

Subspace embraced, an indescribable trance,
Beautiful, peaceful, a fleeting romance.
Yet blinded, I lingered far too long,
Experienced Domme, I sang her wrong.

Her actions spoke, a language of neglect,
A Dominant's honour, she failed to reflect.
Beneath the facade, doubts took root,
Yet benefit of doubt, I continued to suit.

Punishment came, a silent void,
Zero contact imposed, emotions destroyed.
Tasks demanding, beyond reason's fence,
***'s price, a toll too immense.

No script discussed, no consent obtained,
In the shadows of doubt, my sanity strained.
Abandoned by silence, a new sub's sorrow,
Echoes of loss, harder to borrow.

Miss her, I might, but truth unfolds,
Illusions shattered, a tale retold.
Relief washes over, they crash on the shore,
Cautionary whispers, beware, and explore.

In the realm of desires, deception may twirl,
Even seasoned minds, beware the fake world.
A lesson learned in the dungeon's sway,
Be vigilant, be cautious, in passion's array.
I feel your *** and desire in every word of this tale. ❤️
Thank you for sharing and more so your vulnerability.
that was beautifully written, sorry you had to go through that
Thanks for this beautiful cautionary tale, I hope you will find someone better
This is absolutely beautiful. I am walking beside you and miss him I might, but now I have seen the truth come to light! What I am taking solace in is knowing, that the list of likes and limits is always growing. 😘
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