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Bad Baby (pt 3)

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He leans over and wraps his arms under my armpits and up over my shoulders effortlessly lifting me up, and whilst still inside me strides the few metres to the couch and sits down, adjusting his grip on me a little. His hands are now linked behind my head. Being held this way lights me on fire!Daddy is able to use my own body weight against me, this hold allowing him to increase the depths of his thrusts by using the power in his arms to pull me down onto him.

I desperately want to touch myself but my arms are restrained, the pressure building within me increasing with every stroke of his cock inside me.


"Montar mi verga puta! It's time for you to work for it. He releases me from the headlock and I lean forward placing my feet between his on the floor and grip my ankles while he re-grips my hips to steady me, but also to assist my exhausted body in its task...... to ride him until he cums...... while he films it.

This is one of his favourite positions...... he can sit back and relax, or film as he is now..... sometimes he will pull me back against his chest, grab my boobs or my throat and kiss and bite my neck. 

Unbelievably sexy, especially when he whispers Spanish obscenities into my skin while he does it.


"¿Te gusta este pequeño?

Do I feel good inside your ass? ¿Te correrás por papá? I'm going to fill that pretty ass..... 

oh sí..... ¡jódeme! ¡Fóllame!"


He releases a low growl and digs his fingers into my hip bones as he begins to shudder, his entire body almost frozen as his muscles spasm and he fills my ass with his seed.

I spread my cheeks wide as I know he is going to want to admire his work in opening me up and will certainly want to commit it to film..... 


"Oh baby, you look so pretty with my cum running out of your ass! You are such a good girl mi puta! Rub it into your pussy beautiful, push it up inside yourself. Yes, just like that. How does it feel baby?"


"It's so good Daddy!! I feel all tingly Daddy, is that ok?" I ask innocently, chewing on my thumb.


"That is exactly how you should feel sweetheart. Daddy's Willy felt like that before it made sticky inside you. Just carry on bouncing on him while I tickle kitty and you will feel wonderful." He assures me, before placing the phone down and cupping my boobs. 

I sink back onto him briefly to catch my breath and he kisses my neck tenderly, nipping me lightly with his teeth.


"Te amo bebita! You are the only little girl I want in my life."


That beautiful sentiment fortifies me with the energy I  need to finally catch my own orgasm, bouncing heavily on his cock, my boobs bouncing ***fully so I hold them and pull on the nipple clamps. Je puts 3 fingers inside my pussy and thumbs my clit and I am soon rewarded with the euphoria of release again!


I fall back onto him and he massages my boobs while I grind on him until he becomes soft inside me. It feels nice, and daddy lays to the side, taking me with him, his soft warm Willy still inside my ass. 


"Mmmm, this is so nice baby! Having you as a cock warmer makes me happy. You're my best girl baby...... and you're now forgiven. Shall we go and take our bath now? Let me pamper you. Come on." He says, smacking my thigh and lifting me off of him. 


He Koala carries me to the bathroom and sits me on the sink top to run the bath, putting lots of sweet smelling oil in the water because he says, it is good for my skin...... keeping me soft and smooth.

Daddy thinks I need a little shave too so he gets the razor and foam as well.

I love bathtime!


Daddy really spoils me, washing and conditioning my hair, making sure to shield my eyes when he rinses the suds from my head to prevent them getting in my eyes. He washes my back for me and also shaves my pussy...... the effort too much for me, exhaustion already claiming me. Thankfully I am naturally very smooth and there are only a few fine hairs, so it doesn't take long.

Daddy makes me stand up and turn in a circle infront of him so he can wash everywhere, then runs his hands all over me to make sure there are no suds left before we get out.

His fingers slide effortlessly over me, feeling particularly wonderful on my pussy. My ass is sore, as are my buttocks, but less so than before, the arnica and ***killers daddy gave me before our bath starting to work. 


He climbs out of the bath and I watch intently as he roams around naked, finally shaving the days old stubble from his handsome face, his body air drying in the warmth of the steamy room.


"Two more minutes baby, then it's time to get out and get ready for bed, ok?" He says, before brushing his teeth. 

Once he is finished he lifts me from the bath and wraps me in a huge fluffy white towel and carries me to our bed, dropping me onto it and chuckling at my shocked squeal.

He really is going all out with the pampering! He moisturises my entire body, paying special attention to my ass cheeks, and also giving me what he called a 'yoni massage'. It was the best massage EVER and I made him promise to do it for me again. He then brushed and dried my hair before putting me into a fresh white onesie that says 'Daddy's whore' all over it, pretty red hearts around. 

It's one of his favourite 'little' outfits.

When I'm big he LOVES lacy lingerie, and he has a talent for buying the sexiest sets there are! 

Red is his favourite, so I have lots...... some crotch less, some thongs....... baby dolls and teddies..... I love them all!


"Where are your dummy and Bobbie?" He asks gently, knowing I can't sleep without either when I am little. "You should go and find them baby, it's very late, you should be in bed now." He scolds lightly. He does worry about me. 


I make my way into the lounge, my heavy eyes threatening to close at any moment and find my bunny Bobbie on the sofa. Hugging him to my chest I hunt for my dummy but can't find it anywhere.

I rush back to our room and Daddy notices my stricken face and Bobbie under my arm and immediately knows what's wrong.


"You lost your dummy again!?" he states, holding out his arms for me and I jump into them, tears trickling down my face.


"Oh little one, don't cry, it's going to be ok. Sshhhhh!" He soothes, kissing the top of my head reassuringly.


"But Daddy! I can't sleep without dummy, I have to suck! Daddddyyyyy!!! I'm soooo tired, and now I will be awake all night!" I whine, wiping my tears away with the backs of my hands!


"You know I won't let that happen to my beautiful girl don't you?! You will sleep. You can suck Willy until you fall asleep if you want to darling girl. Do you think that might help? Your dummy looks sort of like Willy doesn't it!" He soothes, smoothing my hair from my damp face and pecking my nose with his lips.


"Really Daddy? Can I? Oh Thankyou daddy, I think that will really help!" I brighten at the idea. I love to suck Willy..... AND it appears that I may get some sleep tonight after all.



Then again........ 😈😈😈

2 hours ago, grenoble988 said:

The ending is so cute

Thankyou 🥰

On 11/13/2023 at 7:17 AM, Deviant_Ric said:

Utterly beautiful. Captured to perfection.

Thankyou so much 🥰

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