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Boss Lady Motivation (trigger warning)


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Daddy and Baby are white collar professionals.  Their dynamic is 24/7, but no one on the outside sees it.


Sometimes Baby just wants to curl up in Daddys arms and make it all go away. 


But, Baby also needs to be a Boss Lady.

She needs Daddy to motivate her and keep her on track. Baby needs Daddy to motivate her, even though he uses unconventional means.



Daddy was shaving in the bathroom when Baby walked in wearing one of Daddys old button down dress shirts and panties.


These fucking assholes, Baby started.

Daddy paused.


They think just because of the current situation....

Daddy put his razor on the counter. 


And then, they were all like.... This is how....

Daddy turned towards Baby.


But Oh no, does anyone want to listen....


Daddy slapped Baby.


Shocked. Her eyes got wide, and she stared at Daddy.


Daddy slapped then other cheek.

Shut the fuck up... he started.


He grabbed her by her hair and pushed her to her knees.


Daddy pulled out his cock and shoved it in Baby's mouth. He made her swallow the whole thing as it swelled in her mouth and down her throat.


She gagged. But he held her head tight.


You're mine right? 


Baby moaned through Daddys cock.


He released her. 


She coughed and spit dripped from her mouth.


Daddy grabbed the back of her head and slapped her face with his cock.


What do you do when other dudes hit on you.


I tell them to fuck off Daddy.


That's right. You show them who is boss.

Daddy rubbed his cock all over her face.


You're Daddys special good girl. But, you're tough to the rest of the world.


Yes, Daddy.


Daddy fucked her mouth again. Baby took his cock and swallowed it.


I'm yours Daddy.


Yes, yes you are.


Are you a boss bitch to the rest of the world?


Yes Daddy!


Are you going to show them how tough you are?


Yes Daddy!


Daddy stroked his cock infront of Baby's face fast and hard. 


Daddy shot his load all over Baby's face.


You look so beautiful covered in Daddy juice.


Thank you Daddy, baby said with a smile.




Mother fucker! Baby yelled from the office. 


Daddy walked into the office.


Baby was infront of her laptop on a Zoom call. Off camera. Her head was in her hands, and she was flustered.


What's going on?


She turned around and stood up.

Her eyes were watery and red.


Oh Daddy, these mother fuckers....

Baby hugged Daddy.

He squeezed her tight, released her and put his hands on her shoulders.


Baby. He squeezed her shoulders.


Yes Daddy?


He slapped her face.


Are you going to let these fuckers push you around?


No Daddy.


He slapped her face.




 No Daddy! I won't.


You're letting them.


Daddy bent baby over the desk infront of the computer.


He hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties off.

He shoved his thumb in her pussy, and worked his fingers on her clit.clutch.


She was instantly soaked and on the edge of cumming. 


Daddy slid in from behind and filled her up.


(Baby) what do you think of that, someone said from the Zoom call.


Daddy pumped her quickly.


Answer them, as he stopped all the wal in.


Baby took herself off mute. 


Uh, uh, ummmm... uh, it's a bad idea and we should continue..... (Baby finsihed and put herself on Mute).


Daddy pumped her slowly and deep from behind.

Baby came on Daddy cock while people fought against her idea.


She was panting.


(Baby) what are your thoughts on that? Someone asked on the call?


She took herself off mute. Swallowing hard. Um, uh... we have showed the numbers and Ops agrees with my assessment.....


She went on mute.


Daddy pumped her hard and fast and deep. She came again.. screaming. 


Panting she took herself off mute.


We will continue down the path I want or there will be consequences...


Daddy smiled and put her on her knees.


Still off mute, Dady stroked his cock and came all over her face. 


Daddy made a mess all over her pretty face.


She sucked out the last of his juice. 


She smiled and mouthed "Thank You Daddy"


Daddy smiled and.left the office

You write the most amazing stories I enjoy them so much I hope you get this message seems you blocked me for some reason I guess you didn’t like me
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