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Some hypno fun...

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“On your knees”  he tried to fight it but his mind was foggy. Foggy and clear. Foggy when he tried to remember how he got there but crystal clear when the lady in front of him spoke This 19 year old fell to his knees. He was naked, but he couldn’t remember undressing. She crouched down beside him and stroked his face. He could see she was an older lady,60 maybe even 70 a short stumpy woman .She told him to open his mouth wide. He did so without hesitation. She pushed what looked like a rubber penis into his mouth and secured some straps around the back of his head. He could see another penis protruding from his mouth It moved as he moved his head “Up” she commanded , he stood. She pulled his arms behind him tied them at the wrists and the ***fully at the elbows. She stroked his penis till it got full, then tied some thing around the bulbous head and pulled it back between is legs and tied it off to his wrists. She looked into his eyes and his head swam. She sucked on the penis protruding from his mouth , held the back of his head and sucked hard like she was blowing it. It popped out of her mouth and she pushed him backwards toward a bed. The back of his legs bumped it and he fell ***fully on his back She lifted his legs effortlessly and swung them onto the bed. Taking more rope she tied his ankles and knees and then tied them to the rails at the bottom of the bed Kissing her way up to his chest , she bit him hard on both nipples .He cried out behind the gag. Smiling, she took a thick leather collar from the bedside cabinet secured it around his neck. Then with a heavy chain that ran from both sides of the bed , she secured him She smiled again as she took some pictures with her phone. She stripped and he could see her sweaty loose body ,he wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. She climbed up on top of him and maneuvered her large frame over his face. She moaned as she fed the rubber penis into herself. As she gained momentum the penis in his mouth pushed deeper. He tried to gag ,but couldn’t. He struggle the best he could, but his struggles just turned her on more. He was almost passed out when he heard her scream with pleasure and stiffen as she climaxed. Finally, she climbed off of his face and he felt her juices run down the penis onto his face. She sat on the bed next to him for a moment then reached over for an ashtray and put it on his chest ,lit a cigarette and sighed as she stroked him. After she finished her smoke she butted it out and put the ashtray back. She leaned over him and looked into his eyes “Wake pig” she told him and the smiled as he came to his senses and panic set in. The memory came rushing back. She was his old neighbor who he used tease ,make snide remarks at and who he used to treat like dirt. She’d seen him at a coffee bar in town and sat down opposite him in the same booth .When he realized who she was he started to try and say he was sorry, but she reached out and touched his hand and told him it was ok, but if he didn’t mind , could he sit with her for a little , she hated being alone in these places. He thought it was the least he could do They sat drinking their coffee in silence, but he was drawn to her necklace Some kind of fake stone, but she kept playing with it. It seemed to be getting brighter the more she played with it.He tried to look away but he found that he couldn’t “LOOK AT ME” a voice shouted , though she just whispered it “YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR OUR DRINKS THEN YOU WILL GO STAND BY THAT BLUE TOYOTA OUT THERE UNTIL TOLD OTHERWISE, NOD IF YOU UNDERSTAND” He nodded and mindlessly did as he commanded He was under her control

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