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Telegram Meet

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A cold Sunday afternoon walking through my home town. My phone vibrates, a message through on Telegram. 

Usual niceties then the the where are you? I am very close to you I reply as she gave the location of the shop she was in.

I walked past a lady on her phone, I could see she was on Telegram.

I watched her then followed her, look round I am behind you. She looked round nervous and smiled.

I walked off smiling. Simple message if we fuck I am not vanilla. The response "I know". Send me your address I will brle there in 20 minutes was my reply.

I walked in she was in a robe. I ripped it open kissed her and pinched her nipples, the brat showing in her " i do have a bed" take me there then.

In the room i kissed her hard, biting her lip, pulling her hair, fingers plunging in her. Rubbing her clit hard, her wetness the only sounds needed.

Thrown on her bed I continue to finger fuck hard, 2,3,4 fingers and my thumb pushing her rose bud open.

I stand pull her by her hair, knees now.

Slapping her smiling face with my erect cock I ram it down her throat, throat fucking hard, drool dripping. Hands gripping my tgighs i releaae for one breath then back in. Continiously it feels like hours. I lay her on her bed, head over the end I growl.

Mouth open head fucking to completion, growling as my  seed floods her mouth.

I stand and dress, you better brush your teeth before hubby gets home as I laugh. 

One meet and the messages fly in, I am already in her head after a chance primal meet.

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