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Mother in Law takes charge - fun fiction (part 2)

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I hung for about 15 minutes. I could feel the heat of my welts from the beating I’d just taken. The room was silent except for the even breathing of my mother-in-law/Mistress and the light rattle of chains as I shifted my footings. I heard movement on the bed, then light footsteps. Soon there was warm breath on my neck, and cool hands gently stroked the marks on my butt. Another hand gently stroked my hardening prick. Pulling the skin back to expose the head of my uncircumcised erection. Rubbing of fingers around the hole at the tip. 

“Such a good little boy,” She whispered in my ear, nibbling gently at the lobe.

“Have you nothing to say to me, boy ?” 

“Thhh, Thank you, Mistress”

“What for ?”

I groaned in pleasure as she gently massaged my cock.

“MMMM? What for?” She repeated

“For teaching me the consequences of not behaving, Mistress”

“You are most welcome, my boy.

 Would you like to be let down and maybe spend a pleasant evening with me,

 relaxing and watching a little TV.”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Will you behave?”

“Yes, Mistress”

“Good boy.”


I stood on tiptoes to enable her to release my arms. The back of my neck was kissed as she gently massaged my shoulders.  I thanked her, which appeared to please her. Taking hold of my leash, she had me follow her to her lounge. She had me sit on a wooden-backed dining room chair beside the couch. A thick leather belt was pulled around my chest and arms and buckled tightly behind me. I was told to open my mouth, and a penis gag was ***d in, and I was tightly buckled. My mother-in-law then masturbated me a little to ensure my erection and slid something down and around its length. The blindfold was released, and I blinked at the sudden light. She picked up a remote control, and vibrations shot up and down my cock, making me moan into the gag. The vibration was varied, Slow/fast/ hard /soft/multiple places at once. 


“Comfy ?” She asked, stroking my face.

“Good, let's see what we can find to entertain us, shall we.?”


She clicked on the flat screen on the unit I was facing, then picked up the remote for the Apple TV box we’d given her as a gift.


“I love this thing,” she told me of the Apple TV.

“Thank you for showing me how to use it, I love how you can cast from your iPhone.”


She picked up her phone, and a few clicks later, the face of my cheating wife, Emma, appeared on the screen in all her beauty.


“I’m going to leave you two together while I go and freshen up,” My mother-in-law told me as she pressed play and kissed me on the cheek.


I grunted, “What the fuck !” Into my penis gag as my wife started to talk as though directly to me…



“So here you are, you pathetic piece of shit, to think I actually thought of you as a real man that I could look up to. What the fuck was I thinking. ? When I first found out about your silly little fantasies and told Mum, she just laughed and told me it was perfect: I could have whatever life I wanted, and I could train you to go along with it, just like she did with my useless dad.’


 “That’s just not me, I want a real man, a man that can take me when he wants. A man that makes me want to beg for his cock. Then I met Christos at work when he came in to buy a new car. He is tall, strong, handsome, and a gentleman to boot. I had no hesitation when he asked me for dinner and invited me back to his apartment afterward. What a night that was, God, he fucked me every which way till I was sore. I still wanted more, but my body couldn’t take it.”


‘How could I go back to a pathetic wimp like you after an experience like that? I bet you don’t even remember that night when I came home ruined, do you? There you were, just sitting playing on your Xbox while I was being taken to places I’d never been before. Anyway, a couple of dates later, Christos asked if he could meet Mum; being the gentlemen he is, he asked for her permission to take me away with him to Greece if I agreed. We talked about you a lot. I told them both how pathetic I found you and could barely stand looking at you anymore.”


“ Christos said he had come across the likes of you in the past and felt you would never be able to give me what I needed. A statement that both mum and I agreed with. That’s when Mum asked if she could have you to help her around the house in the same way she made my dad. At first, I was a little taken aback, and Christos asked her to explain, which she did in great detail. He raised his eyebrow (which is so fucking sexy) and told us he thought this would be the best solution for everyone. So it was set. “


“How does that make you feel that Christos is not only taking me away from you but also has a hand in the decision to pass you off to Mum.. pretty pathetic, eh?  Mum told me how easy it would be to get you under her thumb and promised to keep me updated on her progress. Christos and I have had a great laugh at the few pics she sent already. I’m just going to take this opportunity to warn you, if you do anything to try and fuck this up for Christos and me, or if you disobey Mum in any way she can’t control, Christos has promised that he will bring a world of hurt down on you that will make you wish you had never been born.  Now keep watching, and you’ll understand why a pussy like you could never be man enough for me.” 


I’m ashamed to say that I started to sob a little in my binds. I couldn’t believe that the woman I loved more than anything in the world could be so cruel and cold. 


The screen changed, and the view of a Mediterranean vista came into view. With clifftops and a deep blue sea, The camera moved to a marbled pool surrounded by sumptuous gardens and landscaping. Panning over a balcony through netted curtains to a large luxurious bedroom, a handsome Mediteranian-looking man lay naked on the bed, which I presumed was the hated Christos. The camera focused in on his face, then traveled down his chiseled slab of a chest, down his ripped flat stomach to the larger-than-life-looking cock laying lazily to the side. The camera, which I presume was my wife’s phone, was placed onto a stand, giving a full view of the bed. 


 A naked form of a woman came into view; my wife/ ex-wife kneeled on the bed. She started to kiss his inner thighs. His cock began to grow to a substantial size in both length and girth. She sucked on his balls and flicked her tongue. I could hear him moaning. She looked at the camera and smiled…

   “ look at this thing, look how gorgeous it is, it’s making me so fucking horny and wet. I never felt like this with you… Do you think I should beg to suck on it? Do you think he’ll let me? After all, I’ve only been used to your pathetic little dickie before…Let's see what he says..”


..She turned her head to face him and asked.


” Please, sir, may I suck on your wonderful cock? It’s so much more than I’m used to, but I’ll do my best.” 


 Christos chuckled, and with a big smile, he told her.


“Of course, you can, my little slut, If you do a good job, I will take you the way a lady like you deserves to be taken.”


Emma looked back at the screen and winked, then went about hungrily sucking and licking Christos’s massive dick. She sucked and licked with more passion than I’ve ever seen. She was sliding her tongue up and down the outside length, licking his balls and gently sucking as she stroked him with her hands. 


The vibrations running up and down my own erection were keeping me maddeningly on the edge as I watched my wife getting fucked every which way by her Greek Adonis. Screaming with pleasure and begging for more, looking at the screen and smiling every chance she could. He took her in every hole, even her butt; she couldn’t seem to get enough of this powerhouse.  The screen faded back to a blow job where Emma was going all out till there was a loud growl from Christos as he exploded. She pulled her mouth away and continued to pump him with her hands. She aimed it at her face and took all the cum she could squeeze out of him full in the face, moaning with pleasure as she did. Once she was sure he was emptied, she looked directly at the screen with her cum covered face. It was in her hair, dripping from one eyebrow and sliding down her cheeks. She licked her lips and scooped some off with her fingers, and sucked on them.


“Emm,” she moaned, “Now that’s what a real man can do.”


She moved up his body to his open arms, and the video faded out with him holding her in his arms.


I was left sobbing at the blank screen. My mind and senses were in turmoil. I was sobbing, but I had the hardest erection due to the vibrations around my cock. I pulled at my binding, barely managing to rock the chair. I didn’t notice my mother-in-law come back until she clicked off the remote for the TV. 


She stepped behind me, put her arms around me, gently stroked my chest, and pinched at my nipples. I groaned into the gag and closed my eyes…


“ There, you see, how can you compare to that? You just can’t, can you? 


I groaned.


“You much better off here with me so that you can be useful. I know you well enough to know  you only want the best for Emma, just like I do.”


I groaned again. 


“Now I know it’s been a bit of a day for you, Honey, so I’m gonna let you up, and we’ll go off to bed,”


I’ll even let you lie with me for a while, and we’ll take care of that little problem you have down there,”  she said as she flicked the end of my vibrating erection. 


Finding the remote, she stopped the vibrator and removed it. Next, the belt was removed, and a blindfold slid back over my eyes. 


“Up we get, “ she said as she pulled on the leash.


I stood shakily, and June held my shoulder to steady me. 


“Come now, let's go have a little more fun.”


I was guided back to the bedroom, and all the chains were removed from the collar and cuffs. I was made to lie on the bed. I lay like a puppet on the soft bed while June secured my arms to the head of the bed and feet to the end. She slipped the blindfold off and screwed some attachment to the outside of the gag. A huge black silicone cock came into focus, pointing up from where my lips should be.


“ You lie there and relax. Let me do the work for you, “ she whispered.


She climbed up on the bed, straddled my head, and slowly guided herself down onto the dildo, sighing as it went in. I groaned in the gag as she took hold of my cock and gently kissed the head before rolling what I found out to be a rubber down its length. 


My head was ***d down into the pillow as she started to move up and down, digging her nails into my thighs as she went. Faster and faster, it became very uncomfortable for me as she pounded down on my face. She groaned and moaned with pleasure. The silicone cock was becoming very slick with her juices. I couldn’t take much more. She let out a loud scream, and she tensed, pushing down hard and holding it. I could feel her shudder gently as her orgasm worked its way through.  


She stayed like that for a while, and I started to panic just a little until she lifted herself from me, and the dildo slid out.  Laying beside me, she whispered, "Well done, " and kissed my neck. Her hand made its way down to my cock and slowly pulled up and down. I bucked a little, trying to *** things, and she just tapped the end of my dick and told me to calm down.


After a few minutes of teasing and June getting her breath back, she unscrewed the dildo, undid the gag, and threw it on the floor. I was stretching my aching jaw as she pushed the dildo against my lips.


“Lick it clean now bitch”


I looked at her in horror and closed my lips. This was met by a hard squeeze of my full balls. My scream was quietened by the  cock being pushed into my mouth.


“Do not defy me; it will not go well for you, do you understand ?”


I nodded the best I could with my mouth stuffed the way it was.  She smiled and pushed in and out.


“That’s it, good boy, get it nice and clean.”


She stroked my cock, and I closed my eyes in pleasure as I felt myself nearing orgasm. 


June stopped and tapped my cock


“It’s polite to keep your eyes open for your master when you are sucking cock. They like to see the desperate look in your eyes. It turns them on to know they’ve mastered you. “


She started stroking again, and I ***d my eyes open as I reached a powerful orgasm, emptying my sac into the rubber. I lay there *** and used as she carefully slid it off, pulled the silicone  cock out, and emptied the contents into my open mouth. Before I could react, she shoved the dildo back in and started fucking my mouth with it.


“Swallow it all up now, be a good boy. You better get used to it because I expect you to keep me clean after I’ve been out on a date or two. You never know; when Emma and Christos return for a visit in a couple of months, they may invite you to do the same for them. Won’t that be a treat ?”


I gagged as I sucked and swallowed, hating every drop, but what choice did I have? I was beaten.


“There’s a very good boy,” she said, pulling the hated thing out of my mouth. “Look how sparkly clean it is.”


“You just lay there a little, one more little present for you before bed.”


She got off the bed and walked to her on suite. I heard water running, then stopped. She returned with a tray, which she placed on the bedside table. She reached over with a cloth and gently washed my nether regions clean with cool water, dried them, and applied some cooling cream. I opened my eye in shock as something cold snapped around the base of my cock and balls. Then something was sliding over my limp cock, and then a click as the two parts were clipped together. With a smile, she produced a little key to lock things up securely. 


“ There now, that’s better. Now I really do own you Bitch. This is the only key, and it will be well hidden. So I suggest that if you ever want to cum again…. Well, you know the rest, don’t you?


I just stared up at her in horror…


“Don’t you? She screamed, squeezing my malls hard.


“Yes, yes, yes, Mistress, I understand.” 


“Good boy, now let’s settle you down to bed, shall we ?”


My arms were undone, then my feet. I was ordered to lay on the dog bed. A plastic-covered wire leash was padlocked on one end to a ring bold in the bed leg and the other to my collar. A similar cable was attached to my manacled hands and the same with the ankle restraints.  She had me kneel and ordered me to kiss her feet to thank her for her time and say good night. I, of course, complied.


My eyes were blindfolded, and I was pushed onto my side and told to go to sleep. A heavy blanket was thrown over me.  I was left with my thoughts as she left me alone in the room. 


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