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Dance of Dominance

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In the shadows of desire's domain,
Where passion and power intertwine,
A dance is commenced, a wild refrain,
As dominance takes what is rightfully mine.

Serious tones envelop the air,
A solemn pact of pleasure and ***,
Bound by trust, a submissive's care,
In this realm my darkness shall reign.

Longing gazes ignite our skin,
Tracing landmarks of submission,
My power dynamics slowly begin,
Lost in depths of seductive mission.

Shadows cast upon this scene,
Echoing darkness that dwells within me,
Upon whispered dominance my heart convenes,
Explore the bounds of what love can be.

Desire blossoms like roses in bloom,
Thorns of anticipation, sharp and precise.
In this power exchange we consume
Each other's souls, lost in fevered vice.

The struggle for dominance fuels our fire,
As fingertips ***t emotional strokes.
Yearning for more, we never tire
Of exploring depths that no language invokes.

Burning with an insatiable thirst.
In dominance and submission we are immersed.
Satisfaction found in surrender's embrace
Unveils passions hidden beneath veils of control.
For when dominant desires find submissive space,
Love's true essence takes its toll.

Passions clash like lightning striking a tomb,
In this sacred dance, we explore desire's loom.
Within this realm where pleasure takes flight,
Power and passion we forever ignite,
In depths of a submissive's delight.
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