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Helping out Mum's friend. Fun Fiction.

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Brett Simmons had little luck with women. At 21, he was still an awkward kid around women. His one real relationship with a girl was in his last year at college. That only lasted a few months and ended with her going off with one of his so-called friends at a party.  He was in that stage of life where he was trying to figure out what he was doing with his life and still living at home and working part-time at a local hardware store. 


He was lying on his bed reading when his mum knocked on the door.


“Yep, come in.”

“Hey Brett love, what are you up to.” His mum asked.

“Nothing much, just reading,” He replied.

“Anything interesting”

“Just one of Dad’s old books, James Herbert's The Rats,” He said smiling.


His dad had passed away suddenly five years previously. He was an avid reader of pulp horror books and had left quite a collection behind.  His mum didn’t have the heart to throw them out and was pleased to see that  Brett was reading them.  His mum had recently started dating again and was seeing a guy regularly. Brett had met him several times and thought he seemed decent. 


“So what do you need, mum?” Brett asked.


Sitting beside him on the bed, She told him she had just had a call from Audrey. Audrey used to live next door and was his mum’s best friend. 


“Ok, and …?” He asked.

“Well,” His mum replied, “She was asking what you were up to and whether I thought you would mind going up to help sort out some of her mum's things and help with a few things around the house. So what do you think? Can you help her out?”

“Mum!” He exclaimed, “She lives miles away.”

“I know, hun, but she’s all alone now. “


Audrey used to live next door until her mum passed away last year and left her a cottage in Dorset. At 36, he considered her the archetypal spinster. She treated him like a small child with big hugs whenever he saw her, and she tended to boss him around a little. She always dressed frumpish, too. It always seemed to be in grays or tweeds. He thought maybe she was gay, but mum had ever mentioned it, so he didn’t ask. 


“I don’t know, Mum, I’ll have to clear it with Tom at work. How long does she need help out?”


She patted him on the leg. “Well… She said it might be a few weeks, as there was quite a lot that needed doing around the cottage. “


“Mum, you know I’m trying to pay off some of my college bills; I can’t just give up my job for a few weeks.”


“ Well, yes, I did explain that to Audrey,” His mum replied, “She said that she would cover it and give you a little spending *** on top.”


Audrey had been left a sizable amount when her mum had passed away, as well as the cottage, so he knew she could afford to pay him. 


A week later, he was on the train from historic  Rochester, in Kent, to the island of  Portland, Dorset, a four-hour trip with a change at Waterloo ending in Weymouth.  Audrey would meet him at the end of the journey. Then, it was another 45-minute car ride to her home in Portland. 



He walked out of the station, looking around for Audrey; she was nowhere to be found. He waited a few minutes and was just about to call when a Mini Cooper, complete with Union Jack roof, came speeding up and stopped at the curbside just before him.


The electric passenger window slid down, “Sorry I’m late,” Shouted Audrey through the car,” Traffics a bitch today. Put your bag in the back and jump in.”


She was dressed in her usual tweed suit, and Brett smiled to himself. She hugged him and kissed him wetly on the cheek, which made him rub it when she was back concentrating on driving. They chatted and caught up on things on the drive. She was very touchy as she spoke. She was touching his leg now and then. The combination of her touching his upper thigh and her heady perfume made him blush a little as a guilty erection started to grow in his tight jeans. 


It was around 6 pm, and Audrey said she didn’t feel like cooking, so they stopped at a local fish and chip shop before arriving at her two-story cottage. It used to be a farmhouse, but the land had long ago been sold off in parcels to developers. Luckily, the original owners had kept enough land for the cottage to stand by itself. 


After eating the fish and chips, which were some of the best Brett had ever eaten, 

Audrey showed him to his room. He unpacked his bag and jumped in the shower. He enjoyed washing the grunge from his trip away. As he soaped himself, his hand wandered to his groin. He stroked his soft penis to an erection as he thought of  Audrey’s perfume and the feel of her hand high up on his thighs. He knew these were inappropriate thoughts, but he didn’t care as it felt so good. Even the thought of that wet kiss on his cheek seemed erotic as he pumped his erection harder and harder. He leaned against the wall with one arm and pumped away with the other. He felt himself coming to the point of no return when…


“Brett, dear !” He heard Audrey call. “ I've just brought you some towels.”


He let go of himself, embarrassed. Had she seen him through the Shower curtain, could she tell what he was doing? 


“Er, thank you,” he stammered, “Just leave them  by the sink; I’ll be out in a minute.”


“Ok! See you downstairs”. And she was gone. 


He looked down at his twitching dick. He watched it wilt as the little beads of pre cum were washed off with the shower water. He was too embarrassed to finish things off. 


He dried himself off, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs and found Audrey in the lounge. He was shocked to see how she was dressed. Gone were the drab grays and tweed. Her hair was down around her shoulders and shined with life. She wore a wine-red negligee made of silk that fit her curves perfectly. It was tied loosely with a thin belt, and he could see more red wine-colored silk beneath. Her legs were covered in darker red thigh-high stockings, and on her feet were a pair of heeled Maribou slippers, also in red. She was drinking a glass of wine with a bottle and another glass on the small coffee table.


He stood there like a fool, open-mouthed. He felt his cock staring in his shorts. She patted the cushion beside her on the couch.


“Come sit with me so we can catch up.”


He couldn’t believe what he saw; he sat down in a daze, glancing at her perfectly made-up face. He had never known her to wear any makeup before, yet here she was with smokey eyes, a slight blush on her cheeks, and full ***-red lips. She smiled up at him as he sat beside her. He hoped that his growing erection wouldn’t show in his shorts. 


“Wine?” She asked.


“Er, yeah, sure,” he answered.


He smelled her perfume; it was different from the one she had on earlier. Stronger, headier, and “God damned it.” He thought, a whole lot sexier.


She handed him the spare glass and filled it. Picking up her glass and touching the rim of his, she nodded and took a drink. He followed suit, taking a bigger gulp than he should have. 


Leaning back into the corner of the couch, she looked at him with a mischievous smile and asked.


“You have a girlfriend, yet, or boyfriend?”


He blushed a little, embarrassed by her question.


“Girlfriend, and no, not at the moment,” he answered.


“Really, I’d have thought you would be fighting them off.” 


She smiled, kicked her shoe off, and gently rubbed her leg up and down his calf. She smiled behind her glass as she saw how uncomfortable she was making him.


“Well, you know how it is,” He said with much more bravado than he felt. 


“No, what do you mean?” She was enjoying making him squirm and try to hide his obvious growing erection.


“I’ve been busy with work and stuff.” 


“What kind of stuff is that?”  She lifted both of her feet onto his lap. “Can you give these a rub for me?” She asked, not giving him a chance to answer her original question. 


“Er, ok, no problem.” He tried to act cool as he put his wine glass down. He took a deep breath as the heel of one of her feet rubbed against his cock.


“So, you were telling  me what you were doing to prevent you from getting a girlfriend..ooh, that feels good.”  She said as he started rubbing her feet.


“Studying mainly and playing games online a little.”


“Online, eh?” She teased; what else were you looking at online?”


She gently rubbed his now obvious erection with her foot and smiled to herself as he closed his eyes. 


“Did you finish? She asked


“Finish what?”


“You know you would give me a much better foot and leg rub if you were kneeling on the floor, with me sitting up. Would you do that for me ?”


He was confused; she asked him questions and then changed the subject before he could answer. 


“Er. Ok, I guess,” he replied.


She lifted her feet and swiveled around on the couch.


“You are such a good boy,” she told him. “Why don’t you just kneel here?” She said, tapping the floor with her foot. 


He slipped from the couch and knelt between her legs.  His face turned bright red as he caught a glimpse of her wine-red panties. His embarrassment wasn’t lost on his host as she offered him her foot. 


He took it and gently started rubbing her foot and ankle. She sighed as he rubbed her calf. 

Her spare foot casually found its way between his kneeling legs to find his erection. He closed his eyes as the pleasure waved over him. He knew he should move, but it felt so good.


He was pulled out of his thoughts as she asked him.


“So, did you finish?”


He was confused again.


“Finish what?’ He asked.


“You know, silly, what you were doing in the shower.”


His face was now bright red, and she relished every part of his awkwardness. She rubbed him harder with her foot.


“From what I can feel here,” she continued, “ It seems that you didn’t, or am I mistaken?”


He just held her calf as she continued to rub him. He opened his eyes to see her smiling at him.


“I didn’t tell you to stop rubbing my leg, did I?” She asked him.


“Nnno, sorry,” he stammered and tried to concentrate on massaging Audrey’s calf muscle. A task that was becoming more difficult the more she rubbed him.


“Were you thinking of me, you naughty boy?” Shed teased, “Were you thinking about me touching you, stroking you, maybe kissing you?”


She slid her foot lower between his legs and rubbed it forward and back between his legs.  It felt so good on his ball beneath his shorts. 


“Why don’t you stand for me, boy?” 


He looked at her dumbly.


She tapped his balls with her foot. “Stand up,” she instructed, more firmly. 


His mind was in a whirl; he wasn’t sure what was happening. He felt like he was about to burst. He hesitantly stood up, automatically putting his hand over the huge tentpole in his shorts. She tapped his hands away. 


“MM, what’s this?” she asked as she rubbed her fingers around the pre cum stain in his shorts. “It seems you’re leaking a little.” 


He sighed as she stroked the outline of his cock.


“Take your shirt off, please?” She asked in a way that made it clear it wasn’t a request.


Again, he looked at her dumbly, and he suddenly almost doubled up in *** as she grabbed his balls and squeezed.


“Please do not keep making me ask you twice, Brett; just simply do it, nod if you understand.”


He nodded quickly.


“Good, now get your shirt off.”


He pulled his t-shirt over his head and stood with it in his hand. She took it from him and threw it on the couch before standing up. She circled him, stroking his chest and his neck and then the back of his shoulders.


“Not bad, not bad at all,” she whispered. Circling again, she kissed his neck and chest lightly on the lips. “We are going to have so much fun, you naughty boy. You are making me all wet.”


His face was bright crimson. He heard a slick noise behind him as she pulled the cord from her negligee.  She gently pulled his wrist behind his back and the same with the other one. He felt the cord bite into his skin as she tied it tightly around his wrists, locking them in that position. She faced him and kissed him again, this time a full-on kiss with her hands pulling his head into her. He moaned as her hand went down his shorts and pulled him free. She pulled hard on his erection to use it as a leash.


“Come with me, “ she told him.


He could do nothing but follow.....

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