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A cuckquean’s Fantasy Cum True: Part I


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she was in her prime, kept herself in great shape and was doing well in her career. her health was good, she had more disposable income then she knew what to do with and was looking for something exciting and meaningful to apply herself to, to satisfy her submissive and slavish tendencies. she was not sure what she wanted apart from a master, guide and mentor to please, serve and be of value to, but knew it was not the mundane. she had had her fair share of sexual partners and had enjoyed them, but there was a gaping and growing hole that still needed to be filled - a need, a want, a desire that she could not quite define. So she sought in person, across dating sites, everywhere she could.

And then it finally happened. It started when she saw an advertisement on a kinks app. The headline caught her attention and the words enthralled her. Her clit and heart got into cahoots and orchestrated a coup and took control of the reins of her mind. The advertisement said:

++Discreet Recruitment: Executive Cuckquean Position Open


An exclusive and discreet executive search is underway for an exceptionally mature-minded and attractive female to assume the prestigious role of cuckquean in an elite and consensual relationship. This distinguished position involves curating an environment of sophistication and intimacy, with a focus on facilitating connections for her Sire in the realm of specific kinks and general debauchery. The applicant has to have exquisite taste, discretion and the ability to seamlessly integrate into Sire’s world while taking on the responsibility to enhance his experiences with cuckcakes of all varieties.


1. Priority Partner: The accepted cuckquean will exclusively hold the position as Sire’s top priority, orchestrating the most intimate connection.

2. Perfectly Trained: The accepted cuckquean will open herself up to basic training in high protocols and will demonstrate a high level of proficiency in them before being trained as a pleasure and service slave at an advanced level.

3. Strategic Communication Specialist: she will engage in strategic discussions about desires, boundaries, and expectations with her Sire and establish a deep emotional connection over time.

4. Engagement Architect: she will design and execute dynamic activities aligned with Sire’s refined interests and elevate the shared experience between Sire, the cuckcakes and herself.

5. Ambassador of Support: she will cultivate a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, ensuring a discreet and sophisticated environment for exploration.

6. Fantasy Connoisseur: she will spearhead the exploration and sharing of fantasies to enhance the sophistication of mutual intimacy in the scenes.

7. Role-play Virtuoso: she will build and demonstrate her own mastery in role-playing scenarios, enhancing the artistry of each progressive scene.

8. Guardian of Trust: she will uphold an impeccable standard of trust through unwavering honesty and reliability, safeguarding the privacy and intimacy of the relationships for her Sire.

9. Well-being Steward: she will prioritise her Sire’s and his cuckcakes personal well-being to elevate the dynamics.

10. Intellectual Curator: she will commit herself to intellectual pursuits, educating oneself on Sire’s interests and preferences with a refined taste and curate experiences for her Sire and his cuckcakes.

11. Initiator of Elegance: she will take initiative in crafting refined and elegant intimate moments that elevate the emotional connection between her Sire, his cuckcakes and herself as his cuckquean.

12. Cultivated Open-mindedness: she will embrace a sophisticated and cultured approach to exploring novel ideas and experiences.

13. Communication Savant: she will adapt her communication style with finesse to effectively resonate with her Sire’s discerning preferences.

14. Check-in Maestro: she will proactively orchestrate regular check-ins with her Sire, and demonstrate a keen sense of awareness and responsiveness in curating new cuckcakes for her Sire’s pleasure.

15. Preference Ambassador: she will coordinate and articulately convey Sire’s preferences and desires to potential cuckcakes clearly and with poise.

16. Cuckcake Management: she will oversee and manage Sire’s cuckcakes and ensure they align with Sire’s refined desires.

17. Date Planner: she will plan and organiss dates, sessions and cuckcakes for her Sire as well as all logistical details.

18. Connection Assessment: she will evaluate the connection between Sire and his existing and potential cuckcakes and converse deeply with her Sire on their own going suitability.

19. Pleasure Facilitator: she will join in the activities when invited to do so and actively engage with her Sire and his cuckcakes and be pleasured as well as provide pleasure as commanded by Sire to do so.

20. Educator: she will share her knowledge with, teach and correct the cuckcakes as needed to foster an environment of mutual growth and understanding.

21. Comfort Provider: she will offer emotional comfort and support to both Sire and his cuckcake to ensure a positive experience for all.

+Rewards and Gratification

Sire’s cuckquean in this enhanced role will experience the following.

1. Sensual Satisfaction: Heightened sensual satisfaction as an integral part of shared experiences.

2. Educator's Delight: Experience the fulfillment of contributing to Sire’s desire and the growth and development of his cuckcakes.

3. Emotional Gratification: Receive the exclusive pleasure of compersion, and the joy derived from seeing Sire experience pleasure with someone else in addition to her pivotal role in it.

As her pussy and heart got more excited than she imagined they would be her imagination ran wild at the possibilities and pleasure for her. She read on and to her immeasurable delight she saw the instructions she craved.

+Application Instructions:

Qualified candidates with a sophisticated understanding of both intimate relationships and matchmaking are invited to submit a discreet and refined application. This should include a detailed explanation of why they feel they are suitable as well as their background and pictures and videos of themselves.

Applications should be submitted to downloading the Session app at GetSession.org if they do not have it and to the following Session ID immediately:


*Note: The exclusivity of this recruitment process reflects the unique and private nature of the position, and only those selected for an interview based on their explanation, background and pictures and videos of themselves will be contacted.

she downloaded the app, added in the Session ID and sent in her explanation, background and pics and vids immediately. Her pussy and heart were throbbing with expectation and desire, while her mind realised it had found its purpose - To please, serve and be of value to her Sire.
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