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Sensory Deprivation ♾


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Sensory Deprivation  ♾

In the realm of senses veiled, a dance begins, A symphony of touch, of whispers, and soft skin. Where darkness reigns, a world alive, unseen, A tapestry of sensations, vivid and serene.

In silence surrendering, all sound dissolved, Embracing absence, in shadows we revolve. A journey of suspended time, we embark, Exploring depths where senses disembark.

Bound in a shroud, caressed by velvet night, Fingers tremble, tracing paths, my heart takes flight. In this realm, senses heightened to extremes, Every breath, amplified, awakening dreams.

As sight is veiled, a spotlight finds its way, Enhancing every touch, in a delicate ballet. Eyes closed, yet seeing colors, vibrant and true, An ethereal canvas, where passion gently grew.

With whispers as our guide, delicate and sweet, Words dance upon skin, a melody complete. Tracing contours unseen, with fingertips light, A symphony of sensations, igniting the night.

In this sensual deprivation, a yearning entwined, Flushed cheeks, racing pulse, sensations of a kind. Eager lips meet, indulging in the taste, An intoxicating blend, not a moment to waste.

Soundless moans escape, in rhythm and in rhyme, A language of desire, in this seamless pantomime. Elevated senses merge, in ecstasy's embrace, An interplay of pleasure, leaving no trace.

In such depths of darkness, passion finds its spark, Within the realm of senses, where we embark. Sensory deprivation, an exploration untold, A symphony of desires, boundless and bold.

So let us dive into this shadowed sea, Where sensations flourish, wild and free. In the realm of sensory deprivation's sway, We'll lose ourselves and find a new way.

🎩  OsPando   ™️✒ 🖋

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