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Collared ♾


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Collared ♾

In the realm of surrender, a story takes shape, Of a collared submissive, her soul left agape. Bound by trust and desire, willingly she yields, To the dominance of her Master, where pleasure reveals.

Adorned with a collar, a symbol of devotion, She kneels before her Master, bound by this notion. With eyes downcast, she waits in anticipation, Her heart beating with submission, fiery elation.

He, a patient guide, a guardian of control, Unleashing her desires, nurturing her soul. With every touch, he molds her, shapes her core, Fueling the flames within, igniting her deepest lore.

His voice, a velvet whisper, guides her every move, She follows his command, her trust she does prove. With each act of service, she echoes her devotion, A testament of love, a heavenly devotion.

His touch upon her skin, a symphony of sensation, Leaving lingering imprints, sacred marks of creation. She blossoms in his dominance, surrendering all, As each stroke of his hand makes her spirit enthralled.

In the realm of the collar, she finally finds release, From the chaos of the world, her mind and soul find peace. She is his precious jewel, cherished and adored, Protected in his arms, their passions forever stirred.

Together they explore the depths of their desires, Weaving a tapestry of pleasure that never tires. In the dance of dominance and submission they sway, Creating a symphony of *** and pleasure, night and day.

For she is more than a submissive, she's his partner in bliss, Their relationship based on trust, a sensual abyss. With every collar's embrace, she finds strength in her surrender, Her submission a gift, unmatched in its splendor.

In the dance of dominance and submission, they find delight, Bound by the collar, their desires take flight. A collared submissive, she embraces her fate, Finding freedom and love, her soul truly elate.

🎩  OsPando   ™️ ✒ 🖋

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Sunday at 12:02 AM, Angelbaby865 said:
Yeessss!! Strength in her surrender!


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