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Fantasy Fulfillment : Milk Maid for Pleasure


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Baby and Daddy rode the elevator up to the 15th floor, holding hands.


They walked to the Suite, 1515, and knocked on the door.


Baby only knew they were fulfilling a fantasy for Daddy, and that was it.


Milk Maid answered the door wearing a sheer black cover up, black bra and panties. Milk Maid's 38Gs were popping out of her bra, and her cover up hugged her milky white curves. Her blue eyes shimmered as she smiled.


Baby squeezed Daddys hand. Daddy she is delicious. 


MM smiled and invited them in.

MM stood at the foot of the bed and watched Baby and Daddy.


What are we doing, Daddy?


Watch, Daddy said.


Daddy walked over the MM, and removed her cover up. He pulled one of her G cup ties out of her bra and squeezed it.


Milk squirted from her nipple.


Oh Daddy! Baby exclaimed.


I haven't lactated in 4 days MM said.


Baby immediately put her mouth of MMs nipple and sucked. 


Baby opened her mouth and showed Daddy it was full of milk, then swallowed.


Daddy pulled out MMs other tit. Baby and Daddy each sucked on a nipple gazing into each other's eyes.


Daddy took Baby by the hand, and then stripped her down. 


Daddy put Baby on her knees while he sucked MMs nipples, slurping up her milk.


Baby sucked on Daddy slow and deep. Swallowing every inch of him and holding his cock deep in her throat.


Baby slid her hand up MMs leg and rubbed her clit and teased her pussy, while sucking Daddys cock and Daddy sucked on MMs nipples.


MM squirmed with pleasure. Baby worked her fingers on MMs clit until she moaned out that she was cumming.


Daddy pushed MM onto her knees.  He rubbed his cock on her nipples and squeezed her tits, squirting milk all over his cock. He fed Baby his breast milk soaked cock.


Daddy stood both of them up. Daddy whispered in Babys ear.


Baby smiled.


Baby leaned over and kissed MM deeply. Tongue in her mouth, hands all over her curves. Baby pushed MM down on the bed and worked her hands and mouth up MMs body.


Baby moved her body up to MMs face, and she tugged on her hair. Squeeze my thigh twice if you need a break.


Baby sat her perfectly shaved pussy on MMs face. Baby was facing towards MMs 38Gs so she could squeeze and play with them while MM ate Baby's pussy.


Daddy worked his fingers on MMs pussy. Just his thumb to start. Rubbing her clit and sliding inside her. 


She was soaked


Baby rode MMs face and played with her milk squirting tits. She rode faster and faster as MM worked her tongue on Babys pussy.  Baby came on MM face and kept going as MM sucked on Baby's clit.


Daddy worked 2 fingers inside MMs pussy.

She moaned and squirmed. 


Daddy worked 3 fingers inside her. She grinded her his and grabbed Baby's legs and pulled her in deeper.


4 fingers in, up to his second nuclear.


Baby came again and screamed out.

As she was riding the wave and leaning over she saw what Daddy was doing to MM


Fuuuuck, Daddy! Stretch that pussy out.


Daddy took his hand and rubbed it all over Baby's face and then went back to working her pussy.


5 fingers in


Baby got off MMs face and laid back down next to her to watch.


MM moaned out while Baby played with her tits and Daddy worked his hands in her pussy.


Working slow and firm. 


Worked his fingers in....



One. Firm. Hard. Push.




His whole fist was in her pussy


She screamed while he worked her pussy with hand.


MMs pussy engulfed him beyond his wrist.

She screamed and came. Came and screamed while he worked her.


He pulled his hand out of her pussy and rubbed it all over her face.


Daddy pulled MM to the edge of the bed.

He grabbed her tits and fucked her mouth. 

Making her swallow every inch of him.


Baby rubbed MMs clit while Daddy used her mouth. 


Daddy's cock slid.in and out of MMs throat. She swallowed him like a good whore.


I'm going to cut Daddy moaned.


Daddy jerked his cock against MMs nipples.   

Baby grabbed MMs tits and squeezed them. She squirted out milk against Daddys cock.


As Daddys juice squirted out and covered MMs tits, MMs milk squirted all over Daddys cock. 


Huge cummy milky mess.all over MMs huge 38Gs.


Baby leaned over and licked them.


It's delicious Daddy, she said with a smile

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Mmmm I'm working on inducing lactation. This made me very anxious. I can't wait

How do you do that

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