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But I am a good girl!


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With hands that shook slightly, I inserted the key in the lock and turned as it let out an alarmingly loud clunk. I needed to use a lot of *** to be able to push open the heavy wooden door. I walked inside the hallway with caution, pushed the door closed behind me, and locked it back up with excited apprehension about what would happen next. I took a couple of tentative steps forward and peered around the corner of the dim hallway into the main room. I wasn't late...bang on time. I waited outside and clock-watched for a whole seven minutes. I had waited with patience for the minutes to just tick over to quarter to one in the afternoon, on the dot. I mustn't have been late, I mustn't have been early! Both would have ended in a punishment; I knew that from the last time.

There He stood. It was clear He had showered only a short time ago, I could still smell the subtle but lingering spicy aroma of His shower gel, and felt the warm humidity in the air. His short brown hair was slicked back, lips pressed firm together with a slight smirk, and his eyes stared straight at me. He was dressed in His usual attire for such an occasion of course; smart grey chinos, His favourite Chelsea boots, and a crisp ironed shirt which complimented His tanned skin. His crop was in His hand and ready for use, it's as if He had wanted me to be late! I made a point of mentioning my efforts to arrive at the correct time. I had passed the test; for now, though the disappointment had been quite apparent on His face.

We shared a loving hug and a kiss. I peered into His eyes, not knowing what mood he would be in today; hell, not even having known what mood I would be in today. I found it challenging to keep myself in check, but I must, I knew I must. He inspected me with diligence, His crop being used to aid Him to assess every part of my body as He ran it over all of my curves.

"You look very punishable today." He said softly, as He looked at me. l glanced up quickly, noticeably panicked and with *** on my face,

"But... but I was on time, I wasn't late!"

I knew there was no way out of this, I knew there was no mention of the time. It was a mere comment on how I had looked. I had made sure to pay considerable attention to myself and my makeup whilst I got ready, as I always do when I come over to play. I had plenty of cheap, jet-black eyeliner on and a hint of dusky red on smoky blended eyes along with striking bright, pillar box red lipstick.

He pulled down my tight black leggings and investigated what was underneath, as was His standard routine nowadays. My lacy black cheeky knickers contrasted against my milky white skin. I bit my lip slightly as he sighed.

"I can't wear a thong or a G-string anymore. There's too much bush." I blurted out cheekily.

I got 'the look' from Him, His eyes showed an angry excitement at my outburst. I had not meant to say anything; why couldn't I keep my mouth shut? He swiftly stepped out of the living room and into His bedroom, returning with a cane in hand. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, and prayed He'd not use it; I loathed the cane, and He knew it well. He moved towards me and raised it into the air, bringing it down to whip my ass to show He was the boss. Once; twice; three times. It hurt, though I was thankful it was not too much this time. The sting that lingered was my reminder that I should have shown some respect. I kept my eyes down and felt all of a sudden no longer cheeky and bratty, but quite subdued. I knew I had disappointed Him.

He forcibly grabbed my collar and fastened the cold, chunky ring of stainless steel around my neck, He locked shut in silence just to prove a point. Then He continued what He was doing before. He touched me, felt His way around my body, caressed and fondled, squeezed and pinched. Over my clothes, under my clothes, however, He saw fit. My body no longer belonged to me. My body was now His to do with as He wished. He pulled up my cropped red top and exposed both my breasts. They hung firm and my nipples stood proud, both pierced with a black bar. He slapped the left breast, and then the right. I flinched as He did so, I never knew how hard or soft His touch would be. Once He was done with his inspection, He covered me back up completely.

I had felt hot when I arrived, and the air conditioning had been turned on for my benefit. I removed my chunky black boots as instructed which reduced my height by four inches, and then stood in front of the chilled air to cool myself down. I lifted my top slightly and uncovered the smallest slither of the underneath of my breasts, and smiled with a hint of brazenness.

"Put them away!" He commanded,

"But they're not out," I contested, "I only have the bottom bit cooling down a little."

I got THAT look again. Fuck! He grabbed the cane, and I looked the other way, pulled my top down with haste and tensed up, knew this time it would hurt more. He struck me on the ass three more times, and it stung once again. Allowed to carry on to try to cool down, He went to make Himself a drink. I turned around to cool my now warming bottom off, and pulled my leggings down a touch below my butt cheeks as He drank some more of His drink.

"Why are you holding your trousers like that?" He asked.

"I'm just holding them up." I replied, knowing He couldn't see my revealed buttocks cooling down.

He came back into the hall and told me to turn around and cool my breasts down, I did as I was told, and He caught the reason I was holding my leggings up at the front. I earned another smack to the bottom with the cane...I was lucky I managed to pull my leggings back up and try to move away before He had time to hit me properly, but He still managed to strike me nonetheless. He signalled for me to move to the living room again, and I complied.

He went into the bedroom, and I heard the spurting sound of lube being pumped out of the bottle, but I had no idea what it was being put on. He came back to me, holding my gaze with confidence, and His hand slid down into my knickers. He found my moistened lips and slipped something up deep into the warmth inside of me. He had a remote control in His other hand and set the item to vibrate. He continued to stare at me as He did so, looked for any flicker of pleasure in my face. I didn't show any, He wanted to tease me, not give me pleasure. He seemed satisfied with my response and left the toy inserted and vibrating inside me. This encouraged *** flow to the area and making everything swell up in response.

He grabbed His rope and started to tie me in a chest harness to show off how hefty my enhanced breasts are. As He bound the rope, it felt tight around my body, it dug into my skin, the fibres scratched as it laid on my flesh. Each knot He tied, He tugged; making everything tighter and locking it secure, and it brought my full attention back to Him and what He was doing. He leant over behind me to wrap some rope around me, and I tried to kiss His neck with soft affection. I was pushed away with haste, and again, He stopped and stared in an angry way. This was not a time when I got to choose what happened. He continued weaving and knotting whilst I stood, breasts exposed, piercings glinting in the sunlight which shone through the large living room windows. Anyone could have walked past and looked in. With one hand, He tightened the rope which intertwined and twisted around my body, each layer sunk deeper into my skin as He did so. He took some artistic pictures so He could admire His work at a later date. I was also required to upload them online for both my fans and other people to lech over. It turned me on to know random people like to ogle and perverse at my pictures; strangers I had never met know every intricate detail of what my naked and *** body looks like. Who could know what goes through their sleazy minds when they see pictures and videos of me, defenceless and stripped bare, though judging from the comments I received, I had a fair idea with some of them!

Still with a hold of the rope, He shoved me without grace into the dim bedroom. I looked around at Him, not certain yet what He wanted me to do. He had a stern look on His face, He meant business. He yanked my leggings down below my bottom and instructed me to kneel on the bed. Using His crop, He struck my right bum cheek, then the left. A short sharp snap as the leather licked at my flesh. Pale white skin started to turn a rosy pink as He continued to do this for a while. He switched to the flogger, the impact stung like a swarm of tiny bees. I could feel my bottom getting more red from the *** it received. He put down the flogger and picked up the cane again. I looked away as my body reacted by stiffening; but luckily, this time, He was only taunting me.

"Stand!" He demanded.

I did as I was told, and finally, I was allowed to receive some enjoyable attention. He slid a powerful little vibrating bullet into my knickers and looked deep into my eyes. He placed His hands on either side of my face, held me with devotion whilst He continued to hold his gaze. His knee was bent and pressed into my crotch to ensure I felt the vibrations of the bullet efficiently. I struggled to keep my eyes open and keep my focus on Him. I knew I was expected to keep them open, but it was so challenging as the vibrations started to take over. My breathing was getting shallower and breaths faster. My pussy started to swell as the tingling feeling grew within me. I struggled to stand upright as I started to cum, knees wanting to fold as the waves of pleasure hit. Each pulse of my pussy added to the moistness and pleasure I felt between my legs. I knew He still looked at my eyes even though they were now shut tight, He still held my face, He tested me. I mustn't make a sound, mustn't moan, must keep quiet as the orgasm devoured me, this was my challenge.

As the buzz started to subside He hugged me and told me to smile. I stood there in a daze soaking up the blissful post orgasm sparks, so barely registered what happened next as He attached leather cuffs to my wrists. He grabbed something without me seeing; as my mind still felt *** from my orgasm, and the next thing I knew a dribble gag was pushed into my mouth with *** and fastened tight. I shoved my tongue against it, but there was no budge. He closed the bedroom door, and as my arms were raised and clipped to the over-door straps, both my boobs emerged from the bottom of my top. They were still contained by the rope, and my tummy and boobs both felt the chill as they pressed up against the solid wooden door. I expected to receive the flogger or the cane; and as I continued my struggle with the unnatural feel of the dribble gag in my mouth; I noticed the delicate soft sound of material. My mind just began to recall what that sound was when all I saw was white.

He had put a silk hood over my head, my sight blocked despite my eyes being wide open. I heard another squirting of lube and this time, it was applied directly to; and pushed up inside my ass. He pulled down my knickers and ***d a butt plug into me. I winced as the stretch burned, the *** caused me to wriggle in my cuffs and whimper as I tried to accommodate this large foreign object inside my ass. There was the click of a button, and it started to vibrate, which helped to distract me from the *** of its harsh insertion. He then took a small bullet vibrator and held it firm against my engorged clitoris. It didn't take long with the vibrating egg, vibrating butt plug and bullet on my clit for me to have a magnificent and intense orgasm. I came hard and rode it for all I could. Pussy pulsating it gave me what I craved. There was no let up on the vibrations; no pause to ease the rise which caused the pleasure. I continued to cum, flowed on the tide, felt extreme pleasure, pure bliss. All the while I was pinned to the door by Him, His weight on me kept me from being hung purely by my wrists as my legs felt the need to give way. He breathed heavily right by my left ear as he pinned me to the door to remind me who was making this possible, to let me know it was Him who allowed me to experience these euphoric feelings.

He decided I'd had enough after a couple of high intensity orgasms and removed my hood and gag. I swallowed the saliva that had built, got used to moving my tongue and closing my mouth again. My jaw was in discomfort from being kept jarred open. He removed the trigger clips which had kept my arms held up and restrained on the door with ease. All the time, being careful they didn't drop abruptly and cause me unnecessary ***. He rubbed each hand with gentle touches to encourage *** flow back as I stood, debilitated from my orgasms. He removed the vibrating egg and lead me to sit on the bed, my legs felt like they belonged to someone else and were reluctant to move. He laid me down and removed my leggings and knickers, then moved on top of me as if ready to penetrate me. He stared into my eyes as He thrust His hips back and forth, which made me squirm and beg to feel Him inside me, but He was still wearing all His clothes. I put my hand on His stiff cock through His trousers and manoeuvred myself so I could undo the zip and button to release Him. I wanted Him inside of me so bad. He teased me for a moment more, rubbed against me but refused to enter me.

Suddenly He aimed and thrust forward, and without warning He penetrated me. The unexpected feel of my swollen lips being parted, the fullness of having Him inside me, felt so good. My eyes rolled back, lids closed and I gasped. As He moved in and out and fucked my juicy pussy He hit right where He needed to. As I was so aroused and finally had Him inside me I couldn't help myself as I begun to squirt. Only a small amount, I tried my hardest not to make a mess on his trousers, but I couldn't stop it. He added the bullet into the mix, which caused currents of pleasure throughout my body once again. The combination of the vibrations and His cock hitting my g spot; there was no stopping it this time, I came with a sudden explosion and squirted with delight. I had made a huge puddle, soaked him and the sheets. He pulled out of me a moment later, He wouldn't cum yet.

I rested there in pure and utter euphoria, deep in subspace. The world had disappeared; there was only the sensation of pleasure. I felt my pulse drumming throughout my entire body; was highly aware of every part of my breathing; slow, quiet, deep. Perceptive of all my body being there; but not essentially knowing where 'there' is. Anything could have happened to me right then and I really couldn't have cared less. I was feeling entranced, shrouded in serenity as if I floated on a soft cloud of tranquillity and calm. I couldn't move, I couldn't open my eyes, I couldn't bring myself back to this world. Whilst I laid there in my stupor, He stripped off, before tying my wrist restraints to the corners of the bed. He fastened thigh restraints onto my legs, and connected them to the wrist ropes. Then He attached ankle restraints on separately. I was laid on my back, legs held up and spread open in the air, everything was exposed for Him to have His way with me however He pleased.

He disappeared back into the other room, and I realised in my subconscious what he was doing whilst I was still in my dreamlike state. I didn't care. He had gone to the fridge retrieved some objects, then went to get something out of the freezer, before He came back to me. I was vaguely aware there was a chill in the air as metal implements changed together as they were thrown next to me on the bed. Then without the slightest warning I felt the harshness of the cold, hard, stainless steel invade my warm, gooey, cum covered lips. The sudden extreme cold making me groan. He teased my g-spot with the toy, which brought my attention to somewhere between subspace and reality. I tried to wriggle free from the icy cold, tried and embrace my warm dizziness still; but He wasn't giving up. He attached cold metal clamps to each of my nipples as they stood erect from the cold and the blissful feelings I experienced and places a frozen chain on my tummy. Again He went with the bullet vibrator right on my exposed clit, and having the butt plug still vibrating in me I climaxed fast and with a lot of *** like a tsunami, squirting literally everywhere.

Enough fun for me, now it's His turn. He wandered to the other side of the bed, by my head. His hands cupped my breasts, removed the clamps, then pinched and twisted my nipples as the *** started to flow back into them. He placed His swollen cock by my lips with expectation I knew the drill even if I wasn't fully back in the real world, it was almost a Pavlovian response now. I opened wide and let Him slide Himself in, I took every inch of Him inside my mouth and He continued into my throat. He fucked my mouth and throat, to begin with it was slow. He held Himself deep inside as I began to struggle for breath. I tried to remove him, tried to move my head enough to get a breath of air, but He won't budge. I had to relax, I mustn't panic. I laid still a moment longer, but then I needed to catch a breath with desperation. He pulled out of my mouth, and as I gasped fiercely for my much needed air He slapped me across the face. Before I had time to comprehend fully what was going on He was back deep in my throat. I could feel Him pushing deeper and further than last time, past the point of any gag reflex. He slid back and forth, spit and dribble built up and made a soggy mess of my face. What was once finely applied makeup was well and truly smeared into a big mess, but that's how He liked it. Again I started to feel the need to breath. He pinched my nose and thrusted for a moment longer, until I frantically tried to push Him away. He removed Himself from inside me, and wiped my thick saliva all over my face. He slapped my pussy, which caught me unaware. I gulped for air as I tried to gain my senses enough to know what was going on. Another slap, this time on my right breast. He moved forward, kneeling with care on the bed.

He situated Himself with precision so that if I were to stick my tongue out I would have licked His asshole. He squatted down, so that He was sat on my face, and eagerly slapped my left tit,

"Tongue out." He barked.

I did as I was told, and He pushed himself further down onto my face, as he spread His butt cheeks as wide as He could. My tongue entered the tightness of His ass and He let out a quiet moan. He moved up and down on it, then ordered me to tongue fuck Him properly. I hate what I have to do, but still I complied; it would simply not be worth the punishment for denying Him. I licked and darted my tongue in and out to try and give Him maximum pleasure, hoping He'd have had His fill soon. He continued to switch between having His ass eagerly licked and tongue fucked, and having His cock rammed as far down in my throat as He could reach. Sometimes He would switch it up slightly, His balls which were shaved smooth being licked and sucked on His command.

After my mouth and tongue were used for His sole pleasure, He unclipped my restraints,

"All fours, now!" He snapped.

In my own time I groggily shifted myself over, arms buckled with weakened muscles. Still the butt plug vibrated inside my ass as His cock found my pussy, and He started to fuck me doggy style. I squirmed and moaned as He plunged Himself in and out of me with ***. It felt so good, and it wasn't long before I came all over His cock whilst He continued to pound me hard. He stopped fucking me for a moment to remove the butt plug, and threw it causally on the floor. I let out a gasp as He did this, not expecting the tugging feeling that it gave now that I was used to it inside me. His cock suddenly replaced the strange emptiness in my ass. The feel of Him being ***d inside me without extra lube was a mixture of both pleasure and ***. My face screwed up and I cried out; not entirely sure which sensation would win, and I tried to push back against Him as He crammed Himself deeper into me. He held still for a second before He started to fuck my ass vigorously, still giving me a mixture of pleasure and ***. I tried not to pull away, I tried to take it like a good girl; I moaned in desperation and He erupted right inside me. Squirt after squirt of hot, sticky, salty cum pumped as far inside my ass as He could get it. I collapsed on the bed as He finally stopped abusing my ass and He followed, keeping Himself inside me. I knew His cum would stay up there for a while now, I always liked to keep cum inside me if I could, I guess it made clean up easier. Both barely able to move we cuddled up. There was no denying I had been used and ***d to His hearts content. He stroked my now tangled hair and asked me if I was okay. I nodded as best I could in response to His question. I was drained of all energy. Mouth dry, muscles weak, I felt I could have slept for a week. He held me close as I drifted into a gentle mix of somewhere between sleep and subspace. I felt His warmth, but my body was no longer active and I started to noticed the chill in the air. He covered me up once He noticed the goosebumps bumps on my arms, and gently stroked them in an attempt to warm them slightly. Little kisses were planted on my neck as I rested, He simply held me until I was ready. I was unaware of how long passed, five minutes? Ten? An hour? I started to come back to the real world and opened my eyes,

"Are you feeling okay? Are you hurting anywhere?" He asked me.

I could barely utter even the softest of mumbles. Getting up He fetched me a glass of water, and helped me sit whilst ordering me to drink it. Taking a fresh fluffy towel, He cleaned up any wetness still remaining between my legs, though not from His cum this time, there was still plenty of mess that had been made. As I finished drinking He took the glass from me and put it quietly on the side. He stood in front of me and held His arms towards me so I grabbed hold. He helped me as I stand for a very welcome hug. This gave Him the opportunity to untangle and remove all the ropes He had tied around me. He was worried and frantic that He had hurt me, that I would hate Him for what He had done to me. I hugged Him tightly; breathed in the spicy smell of His shower gel that was now mixed with His sweat and with my juices; and let it all out with a huge satisfied sigh. I still couldn't quite talk properly, but I hoped He understood the message.

Eventually I stood up by myself well enough to go and clean up properly. He knew I preferred to do this myself, and He took this opportunity to remove the now sodden waterproof sheets off the bed, and picked up all the toys ready for cleaning. I examined the mess I had become as I looked in the mirror. My hair was dishevelled, lipstick all but disappeared. The nice thick eyeliner I had applied with such care now created tear stains, and was smeared over my face. I took a quick photo to upload, and then wiped it all off. After getting dressed again I returned to the bedroom just as He finished up and I smiled at Him sheepishly. It almost looked like He had shrunk in size after our session. Besides the pile of cleaning and the smell of sex in the air, the room was back to being a bedroom rather than a sex room. It felt surreal that less than an hour ago we were having hours of such kinky fun.

We moved into the living room where the sun still just about shone through the big window. He told me to sit and make myself comfortable. He looked through the cupboards and gathered some ingredients so He could begin to cook for me. I never requested this, but it needed to be done. This was His way of taking care of me, and helped Him accept what He had put me through. I sat watching Him for a bit, studied His face and the look of concentration He had as He was fully engrossed in what He was doing. His once fluffy hair was now heavy and straggled, damp against His forehead, and He was wearing casual, baggy clothes now instead of smart attire. I often wondered what went through His head at times like this. I knew I was still feeling high from the session, but He didn't get that; He felt remorse. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smells and sounds of His cooking and the warmth of the sun, and it wasn't long before I started to drift off.
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