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***d smoking


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Admittedly this is a weird one but it's something I really want to experience. 

I've seen videos online of people being ***d to smoke by having either a mask or gag attached to their face with either a cigarette or cigar in it. Once it's lit they basically take a drag whenever they breather in so end up smoking it without stopping. 

Anybody experienced this? Try as I might I can't find one of these masks/gags to buy. 

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I had personally this experience during a session with a Professional Mistress, She started with a medica mask to check my resistance with the smoke, blowing the smoke inside the mask... I'm not a smoker, but the sensation was wonderful... Than She  put me a sort of bridle, with a a lot of string over the head and on the face, this harness  was also equipped with a strange gag, in the mouth it was a ball terminating with a sort of cylinder connected to the gag. At the beginning I cannot understand what was happening... I could breath from the nose. than I understood that the gag had a hole, She ask me to try to beat from the hole... she leave me some minutes to get used to the gag. When She come back She was smoking a cigarette... She was very fast to insert the cigarette in the hole in from of the gag.... she plug my nose, and I was ***d to breathe from the gag... a big quantity of smoke start to enter in my mouth and directly in my lung.... the sensation was very exciting..  than She release the nose, and I could expel the smoke.. She continued this cycle 3-4 times, my head start spinning...

Than She told me to continue smoking alone, leaving my nose, and puff from the gag, if I haven't done it, the punishment would have been an electric shock (you can imagine where She connected the electrodes...). To be sure I had clearly understood the role, She activated the e-stim for some second, and She stopped when She see the smoke coming out from my nose....

The Session lasted for 5 cigarettes, more or less 20 mins, during which She activated the e-stim several time.

 A beautiful experience.. especially if you are not a smoker.... you will appreciate more the nicotine smell..


Bye.. xMax..

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