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Story part 2


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My hand feels your butt and touches the line of your thong.
My fingers follow that line to where it ends

I take some distance and look at your *** body wrapped in your bra and wet jeans.
I feel the fire inside of me. Burning harder and harder
I come closer and open the buttons of your jeans
These open buttons give my fingers room to feel you.
My flingers slide down through your navel and abdomen. There they feel your warm horniness. The touch of your wet panties makes my fire burn even harder.
After my fingers get wet I get them out of that wet tight jeans and bring them to your mouth. Your big eyes are staring at me when you taste your own horny wetness. Then I’ll bring my fingers in my own mouth. Hmmm
I turn you around so that your butt points to my cross. My hand slides down your neck to your breasts and find your nipples.
Your body feels the heat of my body.

I massage your hard nipple between my fingertips
While my crotch pushes against your ass.
I feel your body
And my hand slides down.
And does not go in front of your thong but through your skin into your panties.
My fingers feel your wet horniness
I find your neck with my mouth and I bite it.
I can't hold back my fire any longer.
My hands slide your jeans down below your knees
I look at your ass, formed by the lines of your thong
I unbutton my jeans.
I unbutton my jeans.

And grab your thong and push it aside

My cock only wants one thing
Tasting this horniness
I slide my cock along your soaking wet pussy a few times. Teasing you and me for what lays ahead.
Until I place it in front of your pussy and slowly let it slide inside you.
The tip feels your warmt and wetness.
I'm so hard. And ready to take you.
Your body shakes and your mouth moans
I grab your hair tightly
And my hips bump against your buttocks.
When my cock fills you whole.
Slowly I adjust the ritme of my strokes.
The I stop and whisper in your ear.
I'll take you hard And I am going to take you deep

You are my slut and this pussy is mine.
Your wet horniness drives me wild
And I take you harder and deeper.
I feel you completely.
I fill you completely.
My fingers slide to your mouth and find their way to your tongue.
I feel your tongue sliding around my fingers.
While my cock fills you up.
The hand continues to your back
Unfasten your bra
And release your breasts
I grab them with both hands and my fingers feel your nippels.
While I take you
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