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Training of my slave - part 3 - Tying her up


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A quick reminder, even though it's completely obvious that everyone knows this series by now :D

This series concerns both the training of my slave and the creation, in parallel, of a special room (you could call it a dungeon, but I don't really like that term).
You have to imagine a completely empty room, and each story will see a new object appear.
Note of Myself: I don't consider the necklace and leash as 2 objects. It's debatable, but for me, they're inseparable from my slave. I would have liked to add a gag to my slave. I didn't, though.

Reminder: Part 1 (sofa) - Part 2 - A big, nice table

As at every session, you answer when I call you to come into our room. On your knees, in black lingerie. Meticulous make-up, bright red that not only decorates your lips but bars a SLUT across your forehead. You're ready to be used any way I want. You're aware that you're here for your education and my pleasure.

I won't go into details, but you know very well that you've disappointed me these last few days. I imagine you know that everything will be settled today.

I grab the leash and shuffle over to the table, which I lower.

- Look at me. Do you know you're going to be punished for your recent behavior?

- Yes Master, I know it, I feel it and I want it. I deserve it. I'm your bitch and I want you to use me.
  But I understand that I have to earn this right and I'm happy to pay to serve you afterwards. If you wish, of course Master.

- Get on the table! Take your thong and put it in your mouth. I don't want to hear you say thank you or hit me louder when I spank you. In fact, I don't want to hear you at all !

You're getting into position. You noticed the ties on the table. 4 adjustable-width ties. 2 for the hands, 2 for the feet. Naturally, you place your hands in the handcuffs, which I tighten.

No gag yet in this room, which is a shame, but your thong will do for now. Nor paddle or whip. My hands will have to suffice.
And they'll do until your ass is dark pink.
The mark of my hands disappears as your whole ass gets colored.
I call you names. I also name everything I want to add to this room. One object at a time, it's finally too little. I'd like your back, your thighs to be zebra-striped now. Not just your pretty ass.

My hands heat up, I move closer to your ass to bite it and it gives off a nice warmth too.

Without even thinking about it, I take off my belt. It's not cheating, anyway. I had it on and I make the rules.

A few intense minutes and your body is zebra-striped, from shoulders to lower thighs.
A few minutes more. I can't stop.
I think, no, I'm sure I've never been so close to losing control, and I know you'll feel the *** throughout. I'm sure you'll even feel it during the after-care.

I'll untie your hands. Turn around, bitch! Back against the table. Put your hands back in place. I cuff them and spread your legs to secure your ankles too. You're spread as wide as you can stand.

Your body is on the table, your head in the air. I undress and approach you. As soon as I remove your thong from your mouth, you start licking like the huge slut you are. I take the opportunity to take care of your breasts and your sex. There's no way I'm letting them get jealous of your back and ass. They too have the right to be ***d and slapped. I'll step aside and order you to try and spit on my cock. Not easy, but I'll come and wipe myself against your face until it's shiny, covered in saliva. Again. too bad if it starts running into your eyes and down your hairline. I spit on you to speed things up.

Now open your mouth wide. I know you're not in control. I know the position is uncomfortable and your abs can't hold you up anymore. You're just going to endure.

I press my hands around your neck. I squeeze until your face is as colorful as your ass. You seem to be having trouble recovering and you're ***d to swallow and your face gets even shinier. Your mascara runs and it turns me on. I start again. Again and again.

You finally feel my fingers open your mouth and my hand begin to kiss it. What a pleasure to pull it out and dry it on your body or face. I love that you're covered.

But now it's time to put my cock in and fuck you again and again.
Sometimes quickly, sometimes with calculated slowness until you can lick my balls.
Sometimes gripping your hair to *** your head back and forth.

Your face is white. White with saliva. With very pretty shades of mascara.

I'm untying you.

- On your knees, bitch.

You know you won't have the honor of blowing me up. But you're too eager to get my cum all over your unrecognizable face not to obey promptly.

You open your mouth, stick out your tongue. I jerk off just inches from you. Sometimes against your tongue.
I could swear I hear you moaning like the bitch you are.
I'm sorry I haven't equipped the room with a glass yet, because I'd like to finish watching you drink my cum. Too bad, I'll stop. A little distortion of the rules and I'm back 30 seconds later with a champagne flute.

I turn around, shove your tongue up my ass and, as you try to push it in as deep as possible, I explode and fill the glass.

I move to the sofa and you come. Well, on all fours.

- Master, I beg you. I want to drink you.

I hand her the flute.

You're not allowed to drink.

I'm still forbidden when she empties the glass, but I understand when she fills it up and spits it back out.
She tilts her head back and carefully empties the contents onto her face.

Training's going well!



Reminder if you liked it: Part 1 (sofa) - Part 2 - A big, nice table

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