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Training of my slave - part 2 - the table


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This series concerns both the training of my slave and the parallel creation of a special space (you could call it a dungeon, but I don't really like that term).

You have to imagine a completely empty room, and in each story a new object will appear.

Note: I don't think of the necklace and the leash as 2 objects. It's debatable, but for me they are inseparable from my slave. I would have liked to add a gag to my slave. But I didn't. It's a fine line. Oh, and for this part I cheated. I've got my mobile with me. But a Master never cheats. He makes the rules.


Second text / second element: a nice big wooden table

Part 1 is here


I'll call you and you'll come right away.

Collar, leash and lingerie, on your hands and knees. I think you are even more desirable covered in my cum, with a gag in your mouth or a hook in your ass, but that is a close second. But let's not get distracted. Time for the second training session.

I'm sitting comfortably on the sofa. I tap my knees to call my bitch. You're told to look at the floor, and I know you've looked down to see what's waiting for you. A simple table.

I let you approach. You start licking my jeans up to my cock, as if you could do anything you wanted.

This mistake costs you a resounding slap.

- "Sorry Master, I wanted it so much."

- "Open your mouth"

You know your mistakes have to be paid for and I like spitting into your offered mouth so much that I forgive you too easily.

- "Master, please let your slave lick your jeans."

- "You may!"

And I see your tongue rushing in. I even feel you taking my cock through my jeans and boxers. I feel your cheek squeezing it too.

- "Our new toy is a table."

You turn to look at it. A nice solid wood table. Square, but wide enough for you to lie on. A sofa and a table. It doesn't look like the layout of a special room, but it is.

You've resumed your activity and you're sucking me as if I were naked. I want to get closer to your mouth.

- "Take off my trousers."

Not only do you take them off within 10 seconds, but you also take off the belt and hand it to me.

- "If you want to use it, Master."

I stand up. I grab your hair to *** your face against my pelvis. I take the leash and wrap it around your neck so I can squeeze harder. I can feel you struggling, but you've got to learn to breathe better when you can, or with your tail stuck in your mouth. That's why we're training you.

I am enjoying this moment and making it last. I release you from time to time to watch you struggle to breathe. Saliva drips from your lips.
- "Turn around, my slave. To the table. Sit on it."
You get up immediately and realise it was a mistake. You're on all fours again, but you know you'll pay for it. In fact, I suspect you made this beginner's mistake on purpose.

You're on all fours on the table, looking down.

I grab your hair. First slap

- "Did you do that on purpose?"

- "No, Master."

- (second, louder slap) "Did you do it on purpose?"

- "What, Master?"

- (third slap, spitting) "You know very well what."

- (Lowering her head further) "No doubt, Master, I wanted to be punished."

- "On all fours, forearms on the table, head between them. Offer me your ass in the air."

You do it and at the same time you feel the table move. The pleasures of technique. Offering a slave to a master at the perfect spanking height.

As is often the case, I start by spanking you with my bare hand.

Your buttocks turn pink and when they're pink enough I reach out and grab the belt.

I start changing targets and work my way up your thighs and over to your back.

You moan louder and louder, but that doesn't stop you begging me to hit you harder from time to time.

Back to your ass until it's nice and red.

- "That's it for now, but hold still."

I take out my phone to take a few pictures. Then I turn on the video and circle the table a few times.

-  "You can look at me, bitch."

You can see the phone.

- "Take your thong off. Give it to me. Show us how wet you are."

You realize this video will end up on the internet. You give me the thong. I expose it to the camera. It's easy to see that it's soaked.

My fingers slide along your sex.

- "Wow, yes, you're soaked. Open your mouth. First my fingers. Yes, suck on them as if your life depended on it, even though they're only my fingers. Then the thong. Well, it's not a gag, but it's better than nothing."

Close-up of this whore's mouth taking everything that comes near it.

- "On your knees, bitch! Look straight into the camera. Let everyone see you explode. Today is a session to prepare you to love the looks you get. I know how much you love it when everyone knows you're my slave. Look into the camera, show everyone how well trained you are."

You take the end of the leash, slide it against your sex and pull. You squeeze it with your other hand and I can see your fingers start to wiggle against your sex.

You manage to look at the camera until you start to moan loudly. Your head tilts back and it only takes a few more seconds for your body to jerk, for you to explode loudly.

You come to and look at me,

- "Thank you, Master!"


Part 1 is here


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