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Can you tame me? (Trigger warning)


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Kim walked in to the hotel gym. She was curvy thick. Huge tits, very pretty face and eyes. She worked out but still had curves and softness that made men drool.


He was working out on the free weights and watched her walk across the room to the treadmill. 


He kept looking over. Watching her as she ran.


She loved when men drooled over her. She knew they were thinking of ways to use her curves for their pleasure, but the reality of the matter is, she was going to use them for her pleasure. 



That night at the conference reception, he walked up to her and introduced himself.


He was one of the big wigs. 


He was bold, close talking. He smelled so good.

He barely kept eye contact as he was looking down her top. She was intentionally showing off her huge, firm tits. 


Trapping her prey with assets they couldn't resist.


They drank and they laughed. Every chance he got, he would touch her. They drank more and more


Did he think this would be a typical business trip? Meet a big tit beauty and fuck her for his pleasure and leave her unsatisfied?


Not this time.


She knew he wanted her badly.


He couldn't help it. Horny men as such simple creatures. The *** drains from their brains to their cocks, and next thing you know, they are as easy to manipulate as a puppy with a treat.


He leaned over and whispered in hear ear, do you want to come up to my Suite?


She smiled and looked at him.


No, do you want to come up to my suite?Suite?


He laughed and nodded.


But you're not coming up to fuck me, she said




I'm going to fuck you, she said with a devilish smile.


Do you think you can tame me? He asked.


She nodded.




They walked in her hotel suite. She grabbed him and pressed him up against the wall.


He leaned in to kiss her, she pushed his face against the wall.


No, she said sternly. 


She took off her shirt and dropped her bra. 


He huge tits infront of him. He liked his lips.


Like them? She asked


He nodded.


She slapped him, I asked you a question. 


Yes. I like them. They look delicious. 


She grabbed his face and led his mouth to her nipple. He sucked on it. Her hand on his throat, she squeezed and led him to the other nipple. He sucked on it.


Good boy she whispered.


She grabbed him by the hair and held him by the throat. She pushed him down to his knees.


Pull down my panties.


He started to lift up her skirt, and she slapped his hand.


Don't touch my skirt.


He slid his hands up her soft legs to her hips.


No panties he said.


Ooopps, she said with a smile.


She pushed him down to the ground and straddled his face. Her skirt d***d over his head. 


She rode his face while he licked and sucked her clit.clip.


She held his hand down while she grinded her pussy on his face. No relief for him. He was there to serve her.


She moaned. Good. Boy. Gooooood. Booy.


Lick my pussy you little bitch. She grabbed his hair and tugged as she fucked his face.


Suck it bitch, she said.


She worked his face harder and faster. He moaned through her pussy. His moans, and tongue, and lips made her cum hard. Her body bucked and vibrated as she came hard on his face.


She stood up ans looked down at him. He face glistening with pussy juice. 


You are a good body. I am going to reward your good behavior. 


Strip from the waist down and get on the bed.


He did as he was told.


She came out of the bathroom wearing rubber gloves and a strap on, holding a bottle of lube.


Lay down and spread your legs for me.


I've nev... he started.


She grabbed his jaw and squeezed. I didn't fucking ask you anything. 


She pushed his face backwards and he fell onto the bed. 


Open. Your. Legs. Bitch.


Laying on the bed, he spread his legs open wearing his dress shirt and tie. 


He grabbed his.tie still around his neck and tightened it. Choking him. 


You're my toy, she said.


She squirted lube onto both the gloves.

She gripped his cock with on hand and stoked it.

With the other hand, she started to work her fingers in his asshole.


You like this, don't you, you little bitch, she asked.


You're so used to fucking women and leaving them unsatisfied. With this little cock. Your tongue is the only useful part of you.


Uuuhhhhh... he moaned.


She let go of his cock, and slowly worked 2 fingers into his ass. He moaned out again and his body bucked. Tugged on his tie choking him more.


She then slowly worked the strap on in his ass. Slowly working it in, inch by inch. She bottomed out in his ass.


He screamed out.


She gripped his cock hard and stroked it hard and slow,  squeezing it.


Good little bitch she said over and over.


She pumped his ass and stroked his cock.


She pulled the strap all the way out and rammed it all the way back in, gripping his cock for leverage to trust into him hard and deep.


She stroked faster and faster. 


I'm going to cum he moaned.


She stroked faster and squeezed harder as she pumped his ass.


He moaned louder right on the edge.


She let go of his cock


He cursed out and tried to grab his cock.


She slapped his hand away.


His cock was red and throbbing. It pulsed and squirted as she kept pumping him. 


Tugging on his tie, choking him.


He squirted his cum on his shirt and the rest dripping down his cock.


He moaned and panted as he finished.


She pulled the strap out of his ass and pulled on his shirt wiping the cum off his cock. Staining his shirt.


Good boy. Now get out.

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