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Back in Place -DD Story (trigger warning)


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Daddy was on a work call when Baby walked into the office.


Daddy, I need cash to tip at the salon.


Daddy held up a finger.


Yea, that's totally understandable.  We are working to ensure everything goes very smoothly.




He gave her a stern look.


Daddy I'm going to be late for my appointment. I need cash.


Daddy rolled his eyes and pulled his wallet out of the desk. He quickly peeled off five $20 bills and handed them to Baby.


Yes. I'm going to be down there in 2 weeks, we should definitely meet time for a round or two of golf, he said into the phone.


Baby was still standing.there.


What? he mouthed


More... I need more.


Daddy huffed and peeled off five $100 bills.


Bye, Baby said quickly and walked out of the office.



Baby! Daddy called from the kitchen.




Baby walked in from the pool wearing a bikini.

Yes Daddy.


He pointed to the laptop screen. This.


Baby looked at the screen. Ooooh, that a big number. Is that your bonus this month for all your sales?


No Baby, it's not. It's your credit card bill this month. What the fuck?


Well, Beth's husband lost her job. We did some retail therapy and lunch and drinks. I needed some new clothes. The salon and tips. Ummm... you wanted sushi a few times. Hmmmmm... you know, regular stuff.


Regular stuff? Daddy said.


Baby took Daddy by the hands and held them. 


Daddy. It's just ***. It's not real.


She placed his hands on her DDDs.


And these are real Daddy, and they are all yours. 


Are you going to get on your knees now and show me?


No... sorry Daddy. I'm meeting Beth. She kissed him on the cheek and headed upstairs.



When Baby got home, Daddy wasn't there. Car was in driveway. She called his mobile,  but it went straight to voicemail.


Baby decided to have a glass of wine and go for a swim.


In the bedroom, she opened her dresser drawer to find it empty. She opened another. Empty.  Another. Empty. She walked into the closet. All her clothes and shoes were gone. 


Daddys stuff was still there.


She walked into the bathroom. All her stuff was gone. 


What the fuck!!!??? she screamed.




Are you fucking kidding me??!??! She yelled out.




She stomped downstairs and into the kitchen, full of rage.


She heard a noise coming from the basement.


Baby stomped down the basement stairs to find several stacks of boxes. They were all labeled on the side with a thick black marker.


"Bitch...Gold-Digger...Slut...Tramp... Loud Mouth... Cunt... Whore...."


She growled. What! The! Fuck! 


The lights went out in the basement and it was pitch black.


Something hit her in the face. It was clothing. She felt it. Pair of panties... maybe.


Someone grabbed her from behind. 


Hand over her mouth pulling g her back, arms around her arms and torso. Squeezing her tight.


You greedy, stupid bitch the voice said.


She struggled, but his grip was too tight as he squeezed tighter.


He let go of her mouth, and she screamed out, Get the fuck off me.


She felt a cold chain around her neck, and was instantly ***d. Dog ***r. He clamped it to something on the ceiling.


Her only relief was.when she stood on her toes.


He ziptied her hands behind her back.


Fucking asshole! She screamed.


He tore off he clothes, leaving her naked, and choking.


She gasped as she tried to yell more.


He applied her nipple clamps. She screamed.


He tugged on them again. 


She screamed.


She stood on her toes. 


I'm sorry Daddy. I'm sorry. I'm your good girl. Please.Daddy.


She heard a vibration noise, then felt her little being rubbed by a vibration


Fuck she yelled out. 


Every time she got weak in the knees she ***d herself and got light headed.


He worked the toy lightly on her clit. 


She moaned and screamed out, bending at her knees, choking herself and gasping for air.


He stopped, tugged hard on the chains attached to her nipple clamps. She screamed out and her body shook.


He proceeded to work her clit again with the toy.


He felt her getting closer to the edge, and he stopped.


Fuck you she screamed as she lowered herself to the ground.


Please please please let me cum, she groaned as she gasped for air.


He slapped her ass cheeks hard. She yelped.


He slapped her ass, again and again. 


She yelped and growled each time he slapped her ass.


She struggled against the ***r and his teasing her.


She finally grew tired of fighting and took it.


She screamed. I'm your good girl Daddy. I'm yours you own me.


I'm sorry Daddy. I want to be your good girl.


He turned the vibrator back on and rubbed her clit.


He took her to the edge of an orgasm and stopped.


He released the ***r from the ceiling and she dropped to her knees.


As she fought to catch her breath,  he shoved his cock in her mouth and held her head with 2 hands.

His cock filled her mouth and throat. 


She gagged and gasped for air. 


He released her. She ***d and spit.


He grabbed the chain and ***d her.

He tugged on her nipple clamps.


Done being a little bitch?


Yes Daddy. I'm you're special good girl.


He rubbed her face with his fingers.


Then slapped her.


Let's make sure we have the bitch all the way out.


He turned her around and pushed her face into the floor. Spit in her ass. He mounted her and shoved his cock in her ass with one long hand push. 


She screamed out


He grabbed the chain and tugged on it. Pulling her back into him. 


He filled and stretched out her tight ass. It was took much. Pulling away only make the chain *** her more.


She was drifting off and light headed getting her ask used. 


All her senses were on overload.


Her nipples in clamps.

Pussy begging to squirt.

Ass being worked and stretched and fucked.

Fighting for air. 


He released her wrists and she fell forward. He rolled her onto her back and stroked his cock on the tip of her clip.


He shot his cum all over her pussy. Her pussy was so raw and sensitive,  every squirt of cum made her pussy tingle and throb.


Rub your pussy the voice said. 


Within seconds,  Baby was cumming. She was screaming out for Daddy as she came and squirted.  Her pussy made sloppy gushing sounds as she fingered herself mixing together her squirt and Daddys cum.


She lay panting on the floor, her whole body is numb and throbbing at the same time. Her head was spinning.


The light came on and Daddy walked into the basement. 


Baby, let's get you upstairs, as he put a blanket on her, now that everything is back in place.

lol…wonderful. Wish I could watch this from a corner in secret
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