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The Cage


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I wake to the feel of her soft palm cupping me

Open my eyes upon limp cock like a bird in her grasp.

“ Your freedom insults me, little slave.”

And before noon I am driving cold highways

To buy a cage in the city, my eyes lowered with the swift transaction

My face burning

I bear the symbol back to my mistress still sprawled in the bed

Luxuriant in the winter light.

Offer her the steel of my loyalty, and at once and in sharp *** 

Lose myself within it’s tight stricture.

In an instant I am unmanned, in a moment I am hers and only hers

A prisoner in my own flesh, my salvation the key which she slips away and out of sight

A prize to be redeemed through action, through surrender and through ***.

“ A weekend” my mistress demands. “ A weekend in confinement…leaking, ***…

My little cunt and butt slut.”

Punishment for the freedom of a feminized weekend, 

The repercussion of being lent to another master and loving my subjugation…

Caged. Slaved. ***d worship between her spread thighs

As the fluid pearls from ***d prick

Writes desperation on the sheets.

The world is the heavy scent and sea taste of her soft center

The void that is her hot and beckoning ass…

And the world is the tip of her strap-on bruising throat 

Probing deeper, ever deeper to the center

Reminding me of place and function

All that I am, reduced, reformed once more to her specification

The degraded slave who weeps upon her thrusting phallus

Who begs for freedom and the release of straining flesh…’

The cunt and butt slut cut off from release

From love

From absolution.

A weekend in filth, defiled and still I weep for more

and still I am not sorry for the trespass which led me to this...

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