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BDSM's Ten Commandments ♾


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BDSM's Ten Commandments ♾

In the depths of the BDSM scene, we find, The  10 Commandments, guidelines designed, To ensure a consensual, safe embrace, Educational, sensual, with respect in place.

First, safety reigns supreme, our paramount concern, No true harm inflicted, lessons we must learn, Every action, every play, it must be secure, A sanctuary of trust, where passions endure.

Sane minds we must possess, before we engage, Clarity of thought, no muddled mind's rampage, For in this realm of pleasure, we must choose wisely, Decisions made with soundness, not in chaos unholy.

Consent we value, and safe words hold dear, Our partner's well-being, their boundaries clear, With red, yellow, green, a language we speak, Respecting their limits, nurturing the peaks.

Trust, education, and an open mind we embrace, Foundations of exploration, shaping every pace, Before we step into this captivating domain, Knowledge must be sought, understanding to gain.

Politeness as a duty, we kindly inquire, Preferring to ask, sparking the passionate fire, Boundaries respected, no invasive touch, Equipment untouched, without permission as such.

Hygienic we shall be, cleanliness graced, Thoughtful of our own tools, no detail misplaced, For in this intimate realm, we honor hygiene, A ritual to cherish, as arousal's serene.

Aftercare, tender and gentle, we bestow, Embracing the aftermath, a love that does grow, Each touch, each word, a sanctuary we create, Nurturing the souls, after desires sate.

No *** for selfish pleasure's sake, No degrading scenes, only consent we make, Understanding the delicate flowers we are, Nurturing each other, like a guiding star.

Anonymity cherished, from the vanilla world, Protecting each other, their secrets unfurled, Respecting privacy, we safeguard each heart, In this sanctuary, trust is a precious art.

And finally, joy should never be left behind, Laughter and pleasure, together we find, For in this journey of desire and trust, Celebration of life, pleasure is a must.

So let us remember, these commandments we hold, Guiding our exploration, tender and bold, Educational and sensual, consensual we partake, In the enchanting world of BDSM, our pleasure awake.

🎩  O s P a n d o  ™️✒ 🖋

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