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Growth and a Thank You


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Grammar police: 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hear hear!
5 minutes ago, CopperKnob said:

It was your comment

😅 Shucks! Flattered to inspire a post. 😊 😂


I agree wholeheartedly that there should be no shame for anyone’s kinks. I’m still in a position though where I fell shame for having kinks and feeling like I’m forcing this into my partner. 

I’m sure one day I’ll be able to make a post like this but for now, that seems to be a long way away. 

6 hours ago, SirValentines said:
There should be no shame in anyones kinks .

Agreed, there shouldn't however, self reflection does cause us to question ourselves/our behaviour etc and part of questioning can sometimes mean holding ourselves up to societal norms and, I think sometimes, for some that can bring up feelings of shame for a variety of reasons and I think that that's natural. You can't grow without self reflection.


Agree been on sites for over 15 years and set up rooms. But go but can never leave for long

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