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DDLG relationship growth


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Or mistress mommy but mummy in public a fair bit now
That’s amazing and sound so exciting!!
Don. Is like sir or a respected name in Spanish
Congratulations 🎈🎊🍾🎉🙌🏽

Daddy and baby girl are going to have so much fun. Don’t overthink it, just let your natural feminine self shine, that’s exactly why you have your honorific title, own it!

Pops - really good in public if there is a significant age gap
Poppa - really good in public if the age gap is 30+ years
Sir - When you have been overly obnoxious and you want to apologize outside of his Caregiver status. Reserve this as the first resort outside of DDlg for real adult talk. He should know.
Old Man - in private only when not in DDlg space. More for fun stuff, e.g. Hey Old Man, you wanna take your Princess to the arcade Friday night? Think feminine flirty that is not over the top slutty, but just enough to get his attention.

Those are some things that came to mind fairly easily. Really, the best idea I have is, “Daddy, most people won’t understand us. When I fall into Little Space in public, are you still my Daddy? Oh I understand, when I fall into Little Space in public, what do I call you?”
That’s awesome! I’m happy you finally got that title
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I appreciate this and am very excited for you! You've helped me articulate what I'm trying to find better then I've ever been able to. Thanks!
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