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The holiday party -part one


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Christmas party

“Wear something nice, it’s formal wear, I’ll be wearing jeans a suit coat and a tie.” I said as I invited her to my company’s holiday celebration, “come to my place, we’ll drive over together, then we’ll have a hotel, and once the party is over, I will play with you.” I added. 


On the car ride to the hotel, where we would be getting ready for the festivities, we discussed all that I would be asking her to do that night. I voiced situations and things we might try, got her view and aspect on some of them, talked through the details, and by the time we got to the hotel, we were both very noticeably ready for the erotic adventures to begin. 


We resisted all the urges and got ready for the night. As she came out of the bathroom, she looked stunning, very conservatively dressed, with a short green dress and 4 inch black heels. 


“You’ll be meeting clients, some VIP’s and some coworkers,” I stated as we took an Uber ride to the party, she nodded, her way to let me know she understood. 


As we entered the company party, located in a enormous mansion next to Lake Ontario, she made acquaintances, had intelligent conversations. The CEO’s wife was enthralled with her and they chatted like old friends. I was amazed at the speed of how she picked up on these social cues and was able to navigate the waters of work politics. 


She was stunning, intelligent, captivating, sexy.. I can’t wait to get her to myself, I thought, as I watched her. 


She caught my stare, and whispered, “I can’t wait to be fully yours tonight”


The rest of the night was successful, wine glasses raised, emptied, and refilled. Her hand always reaching for mine. My hand always on some part of her dress, always wanting to take it off, wanting to go hide away somewhere and taste her lips.


I gave her the signal that I wanted her, two quick squeezes on the hand, then a long squeeze. And she looked into my eyes and then looked upstairs. Following her gaze, I noticed that this particular area of the mansion was unoccupied. 


Making excuses to leave, we sneaked behind the golden Stanchions with its crushed red velvet Rope, and headed up stairs. 


As she walked upstairs she accentuated the curves of body with every step. Unable to resist, I pushed her against the wall, and kissed her deeply. My hand immediately heading under her dress. 


“Perfect” I half said, half moaned, when I had found she had followed my instructions earlier, and had removed her black thong. She had wadded in her hand and was carrying it.  


As my fingers glided between her lips, I found them wet with anticipation. She gasped, startled from the unexpected firmness in my touch. She then presented her thong to me. 


I could tell she was pleased with herself as she had followed my orders. I whispered simply, “Good girl.” Then kissed her, pocketing her thong in my suit coat jacket. 


I touched the marble wall I had pressed her against and noticed it was very cold. Her bare skin was cold, icy even. 


I was consumed, both by a desire to have her and a desire to protect her, and make her comfortable. 


We found a window seat between two marble columns, and sat down, all of our hands tugging at clothing, wanting to touch and feel the skin underneath. Kissing, biting each other, we were lost inside this mansion without any thought of where we were.


I wanted to chase her naked body through the corridors, and disregard the party downstairs. 


As I thought on this, ready to ask her to remove her dress, I noticed a female worker approaching us. Damn, I thought, end of all the fun I was imagining. 


Composing ourselves, the worker passed with just a chuckle and a comment in the weather, and was followed by one of my co-workers, who also smirked, and looked half drunk. 


End of part one. 

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I love this! Crazy how it all happened.
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