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A sub’s fantasy-part one


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I want you to join me. As we walk into the bedroom, you tell me to strip. I do as I'm told and remove all of my clothing. You tell me to lay on the bed and I do. You proceed to cuff my wrists to the bed posts. You bind my ankles to the bottom. I'm laying in the bed, tied down, looking at you. Waiting. You tell me that all you want me to do is focus on what I am about to receive; the pleasure and the ***. You put a blindfold over my eyes. Now, I see nothing. The only things I can hear are my pounding heart and my ragged gasps of breath. I am excited. Waiting. I feel your weight on the bed. You straddle me. You tenderly kiss me. My body reacts to you. My pussy starts to pulsate. Then, you move to my neck. Oh, my God. When your lips brush the side of my neck, my entire body shudders. You move to my breast. Gently, you take my Nike in your mouth. "Do you like this?" you ask me. "Yes, sir. I definitely do." I reply. Suddenly, your tender sucking becomes more aggressive. You bite my nipples. As I cry out in ***, you reply by doing the same to the other breast. "So, you like it rough?" you ask me. "Yes, sir" was all I could say. You move down to my inner thighs. My pussy is pulsing, waiting for your touch. But you start to bite my inner thighs. Damn. My pussy is wet. You can smell how wet it is. "Do you want me to fuck you?" you ask me." Yes, sir. Please, sir." I respond. "No." is the answer I hear. I start to moan. My body wants to feel you. You put your mouth over my pussy and breathe hot air into it, making it crave you even more. "I'm going to put in your earplugs now. I expect you to be quiet. Do you understand me?" "Yes, sir." I reply.

Once that is done, I feel you pinch my nipples hard. But then I realize that you aren't pinching them, you have clamped them. Then you open my mouth and put your cock in my mouth. I love sucking your cock. I love the feel of it, the taste of it. You start to move it on and out of my mouth. I open my throat to take your cock further in and you grab the sides of my head and start fucking my mouth. Every free strokes you pull out and I gasp for breath. I have tears running down my face but I'm loving it. Suddenly, I taste your cum in my mouth. I swallow greedily and suck out every last drop.
You move down from my face. You place a spreader bar between my knees. No matter what you do to me, I can't stop it. I hear a vibrator. You place it on the underside of my clit and turn it on low. Oh I love that. A little bit later, you put it on medium. Wow, that feels good. Then you increase it to the max speed. As my pussy is throbbing, you keep the vibrator in place. I start to squirm. I am not allowed to make any noises, but my breath becomes more ragged. I am close to having an orgasm. You sense this and push harder on the vibrator. As I try to breathe thru it, my body wracks with convulsions. But you don't stop. You start the vibrator at low and start again. My clit is swollen and you continue to press the vibrator against it. It seems like no time before I am cumming again. We go thru this several more times until you decide I'm done with that part. Now, you put some lube on your fingers and insert them into my ass. I moan in pleasure and you stop. I remember that I'm not supposed to make any noise. You remove the bar and unbind one of my feet. You turn me to the side. Suddenly, your hand hits my bare ass. One, two, three, four, five. My ass is burning but I don't make any noise. Then, I feel your warm hands rubbing my hot ass cheeks. I understand. I am being punished for making noise.

You rebind my ankle and replace the bar. You return your attention to my ass. One finger becomes two as two becomes three. I bite my lip so I don't moan. You start moving your fingers in and out and I begin to thrust my body against your hand. Fuck, that feels good. Then you pull your fingers out and I feel a cold, hard cock being inserted. This toy feels amazing. You begin to fuck my ass with it. I am getting close to an orgasm and you stop. The cock is still there, but you have stopped moving it. Then you slam your fingers into my dripping pussy. Damn, I want you now. But I know I have to wait until you tell me I can have you. As you begin to finger fuck me, you also push the cock in my ass in and out with the same rhythm. Oh, God. I don't know how much of this I can take. When I get course, you stop again. Now, you insert another large toy cock into my pussy. You begin to fuck both of my holes with the toys. I almost cry out, but I know if I do that it will stop and I don't want that. You keep going faster and harder, slamming both cocks inside me as hard and as deep as you can. Then, I feel your tongue in my clit. You begin to sick my clit hard as you fuck née with your toys. I have never been to this level in my life. You continue in until I cum. You pull the cock out of my pussy and put your fingers in, feeling the contractions within me as my body releases. You move your fingers in a "cum to me" motion and I release. Warm, wet fluid pours from my pussy as I squirt all over your hand. I wonder if I'm done as you remove the bar and unbind my feet. You unshackle my hands and turn me over. You shackle my wrists to my ankles so I am lying face down on the bed with my ass in the air. I feel another tension on my wrists and realize you have connected my wrist shackles to the side of the bed. Then you are behind me on the bed. Your cock is hard as you push it into my tight, wet pussy.
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