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Babysitter Part II


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Em had decided to stay at college for the summer, get a job and take a class to make her final year a little easier as she applied to Grad school.


She got a part-time job at the gym where she worked out. Front desk, cleaning up, and helping where she was needed.


She hadn't seen him since that night, but he walked into the gym while she was at the front desk.






You work here?


Just part time for the summer. I need the cash and all.


Oh? Would you be interested in babysitting? My wife is traveling for work, I need help with kids and Cary went home for the summer.


Sure, that would be great. 



An uber picked her up and dropped her off at his house.


He answered the door wearing a tuxedo with a glass of bourbon in his hand.

Well, you're under dressed he said.


Wait ... what?

She was wearing shorts and a tank top. Her firm tan body looked like perfection. Nothing was out of place.


I'm kidding... I'm in a tux and you're..... he stopped and licked his lips eyeing her. Well, come in.


You know the drill with the kids. They're in the basement watching movies. Pizza will be here at 730. My car is picking me up in 10 minutes. 


He finished his glass in a big gulp.


I will be home around 1. 



She was on the couch watching TV when she heard someone at the front door.


Fuck, she heard him say.


She walked towards the door and heard keys fumbling and the door unlock.


Heeeyyyy, Emmmmm.... he said.




Did you guys have fun?


Yeah. Ummm. Sure.


You know you have an incredible body and if I wasn't married.....


Her eyes got big.


Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.


She walked up and kissed him.


He grabbed her ass and squeezed it. 


He walked her back to the couch and sat her down. Leaning her back, he tugged off her shorts, exposing the perfectly waxed pussy and firm body.


He spread her legs and buried his face in her pussy.

He licked her hard and fast, holding and squeezing her thighs.


Before she could even take a breath, she was Cumming. She moaned out grabbing a handful of his thick dark hard.


He shoved a finger in her pussy, and worked it fast and hard while he rubbed her clit. He reached up and grabbed her tits. 


Lifting up her tank tip and pulling her tits out of their cups. He squeezed each of her firm perky tits.


Tongue on her clit

Finger inside her.

Pinching her nipple.


She came again. Moaning out and tugging on his hair.


She never felt and orgasm like this. He body exploding from being touched, licked and filled to pure extascy. 


He stood up and dropped his pants.


He grabbed her by the head and fed her his cock. He hungerly sucked on him. 


He made her swallow all of him. His cock filled her mouth and throat. She gasped for air but only got more cock.


She dug her nails into his thighs, but that only made him push harder and deeper in her throat.


He pulled his cock out and slapped her face with it as she gasped for air.


He turned Em and out her on all 4s with her ass in the air.


He slid his cock deep inside her with one long hard deep thrust.


He fucked her. 


She'd been with other guys. But she was being fucked by a man.


He adjusted her hips of hit the right angles and get deep inside her.


One hand on her throat and the other hand with a handful of hair. 


Pumping her with his cock and thrusting her with his hips.


Squeezing firm but not hard.


Tugging her hair just right. 


Keeping her in constant pleasure.


Occasionally letting her hair go and slapping her ass.


He pushed her face down into the couch as he pumped her harder, and deeper and faster. 


Using her. 


Her body was tight and fit. Everything was perfectly in place.


She bit down on the couch pillows as he fucked her harder and faster, pushing himself to the edge.


She felt his rhythm change and new he was going to cut.


He pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, tugging her onto her knees and her head back.


He stroked his cock over her face.


Cum squirted out of his cock onto her face.

Cum squirted out of his cock onto her tits.


He grunted as he finished.

Fuck, he moaned. 


He pulled up his pants and walked into the kitchen.


Em grabbed her phone from her shorts and took a few selfies. 


He returned with a warm wet cloth for her.

After she cleaned herself off, he handed her a few hundred dollar bills.



In the Uber on the way home, she looked at the pictures she took of herself  covered in his cum.


As soon as she got back to her room, she got under the covers the rubbed her still soaking pussy while looking at the pictures not wanting the feeling to fade.


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