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Blond To The Harem: Part 3

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“Perhaps a kiss will distract her nerves, Ariana,” he suggested, and so the young woman took Megan’s face in her hands and leaned in for a soft kiss. The two of them remained fixed in a gentle exchange of saliva while Leah got down on her knees, lifting Megan’s feet to remove her socks. Leah’s hands rose to Megan’s booty shorts, tugging them down at the same time as her panties. Megan was of course too busy getting acquainted with Ariana’s tongue, now slowly mingling with clicking lips and heavy breaths.


Lana’s hands glided over his chest, her body offset from his to avoid spoiling the show that Megan put on. Jessica kneeled at his bare feet, working at his buckle and undoing his trousers. His bulge was tight in his dark grey trunks, and she huffed through her nostrils with anticipation. Lana leaned in, kissing his cheek before his lips, but he pinched her chin and pulled away with a click of their tongues. He looked down at Jessica, who had now revealed his stiffening penis with his trousers and trunks on the floor, and he grabbed her hair. She stared up at him with a look of *** in her eyes.

“Need I remind you what happened yesterday?” She shook her head hastily, since the bar gag prevented a verbal response. “Then keep your eyes up here,” he gestured with two fingers.

“Master,” Lana stole his attention back, “would you keep your eyes down here, please?” She squeezed her breasts together while Jessica blindly unbuttoned his shirt from behind.


Ariana pulled away from Megan’s face with a cute smile, fluttering her eyelashes and giggling. Leah was now kissing Megan’s rear and standing to caress her body, knowing that she did not yet have permission to pleasure the newbie. Ariana took the opportunity to lift the hem of Megan’s tight blue top, and with Megan’s help the two of them beamed at her juicy, plump, bare breasts. Her nipples were so perky, Ariana’s tongue leaning down for a taste. Megan’s chin was drawn over her shoulder by Leah’s index finger, their grinning lips meeting. Megan’s hands reached back to hold Leah’s hair, who angled her mouth into the crook of Megan’s neck, avoiding the collar. All three of them moaned at the sensations, their naked bodies stepping closer together for a hug.


Lana’s breasts were so warm and soft in his hands, unfortunately pulled away so that Jessica could remove his shirt. He turned to the silent Submissive, fingers wrapped around her throat, and he tilted his head in gesture for her to toss the clothing out of the way. Jessica’s hands obeyed, then stayed by her side, and he fondled her while Lana came in to kiss him. Jessica’s hands helped him squeeze her chest, but he shook his head slowly and she returned her hands to her sides. He pinched Jessica’s nipples, provoking a groan, but she remained still. He tongued Lana deeply, his heart thumping with desire, but he pulled away. He hugged Jessica in close, licking his tongue over her gag and tasting her lips with his tip. He pressed the underside of his penis against her clitoris, making him bounce with lust, and she moaned with pleasure, her eyes flickering as though she were about to faint.

“Do you want me to pleasure you?” She nodded, eyes focused on his voice, his lips. She wanted to kiss them so badly, but sucked her drool in before it could spill from her pretty little lips. He turned her towards the bed, “Harem, please line up as you were originally. Megan, stand beside me, please. Leah, please come and kiss me first.”

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