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Blond To The Harem: Part 7

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Jessica sulked off the bed, humming a complaint into her gag,

“I told you,” he grabbed her cheeks in one hand, “I do not want to hear anything from you. Go get a condom and put it on for me.” She kept her eyes low and retrieved a square packet, tearing it and rolling the condom down his stiff shaft. He snatched her wrist as her hand came up and down it a second time, and she stared up at him in ***. “You do not get to play with my penis.” He took a step closer so that his penis hovered in front of her face, and she stared at it, forgetting to prevent herself from drooling. “Would you like me to put it in you?” She looked back up at him, but after a moment of thinking she shook her head slowly. “That is what I thought. Now, you are going to kneel beside the bed while I pound Megan, and you are not going to divert your attention. Do I make myself clear?” This time she nodded. He crawled onto the bed and lifted Megan’s legs so that he could see her pretty, plump labia.


Immediately she let out a loud moan, her hands pulling in, doing the best they could to rub her clitoris. His penis pressed down from her clitoris, gliding down her slit until it found it’s way inside her, and he pushed slowly. Slightly faster he penetrated her, and with each thrust she groaned against Lana’s vagina. Lana sighed and gasped at the new wave of pleasure, assisted by the two pretty women who stood in front of her. Ariana and Leah both smiled, caressing Lana’s face while all three of them kissed each other.


Lana placed her hands on their bodies, the sight of clicking lips and licking tongues made him even harder. Megan was writhing gently beneath him, his own pleasure enhanced by her blissful reaction. She rubbed herself harder and his hands reached down to squeeze her breasts. She was not as buxom as Lana, but still her breasts were bulbous and so juicy in his hands. He leaned down and licked them, sending another pulse of delight through his penis as she gasped all over again. Her verbal satisfaction made things even more fun for Lana, who was now passionately making out with the other two.


“Jessica! Watch. Do not look away.” Her eyes reverted to his thrusting hips and she squirmed, wanting to be finished with this torturous voyeurism. He continued to pound Megan harder, sucking on her breasts while her warm legs pressed against his chest and shoulders. Her smooth skin, so warm and soft against his, was getting him closer to orgasm. He had much more fun planned, yet, and he was ready to tease himself a little bit more.


Lana’s heaving breaths signalled her own orgasm on the horizon, with Megan not far behind, Lana’s body gyrating on the girl’s face. He enjoyed the sight of Ariana and Leah making out, but he wanted more from them.

“Jessica, you are going to finger Megan until she orgasms, and then you will both stand by my side. Lana,” he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her back against his chest, squeezing her breast and kissing her over her shoulder. “Finish yourself off on her lips and then join me with Ariana and Leah.”

“Yes, Master,” said all those who could speak.

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