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Take it! - Fan requested (Warning, triggers - CNC, Sadomasochism, Punishment)


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He brought the heavy wooden chair, the ‘spanking’ chair to the middle of the room, picked up the rolled-up towel that was on its seat, and placed it on the floor to the side of where the chair was now positioned, then sat down.

He made her stand in front of him with her hands on her head and her knickers pulled down to her knees. The anticipation of that first smack always made her tummy flutter with nerves.

He told her to put her feet wide apart and this ensured that her knickers were stretched tight. Next he beckoned her over to his side. To comply with his command, she had to adopt her normal stance to walk, as she did so her knickers fell to her ankles, she stepped out of them and made her way over. Once in position, he pulled her down over his lap. He stroked her bottom, and then slowly rolled up his sleeves, whilst at the same time he started to describe what he would be doing to her. He told her that she needed to keep being a good girl because he was going to hurt her, but he would only hurt her as much as he knew she could take. He told her that if she was good and obedient he would kiss it all better once he had finished.

She nodded in understanding, but in reality, she’d only heard the last bit and hadn’t actually heard a word of what he said he was going to do to her. Why? Because, whilst he was talking, her body had betrayed her and she had inadvertently become moist with anticipation, leaving a small wet patch on his lap where her crutch touched it. Realising this was happening, she became flushed with embarrassment, her face turning a bright shade of red before her bottom had even been started on. So all the time he was talking, she was desperately concentrating on preventing any more of her juices from coming out, and had only managed to stop them by the time he had finished.

To her shock, she felt two of his fingers touch her where she had been leaking and she immediately felt even greater shame that she was so aroused. “So that’s how it is?” he said, with a smirk, she did not reply, she didn’t have to, as the by-now very scarlet hue of her face cheeks told him all that he needed to know. “Well, we’ll just have to deal with this later then” he said with an even bigger smirk.   

The old Ian, the disciplinarian-Ian, the sorely missed and desperately wished for again Head of Household-Ian, was back, and now, because of her actions, pissed off too. So she realised if she wasn’t careful, the slightest transgression and her punishment could go from ‘I-can-just-about-tolerate-this-ouchy-ouchy’ to ‘Whoaaaa-my-ass-is-on-fire-ouchy-ouchy’ in a split second! Thinking about the precariousness of her situation turned her on to the point that she started to “leak" again, much to her own disgust.

He started, and as she felt his hand repeatedly landing on her perfectly round bottom, she became even wetter. It also didn’t help matters that he was an expert spanker, so kept his spanks unpredictable, which in turn, kept her in a heightened state of alert trying to guess how hard the next strike would be, where it would land, and how long it would be until the next one. Thus, each spank received, was a constant surprise.

As she was bent over his lap, she had spied from the corner of her eye an assortment of spanking implements on the now unfurled towel that he had earlier placed on the floor, which conveniently, was positioned nearest the hand he was spanking her with. The implements were all neatly lined up, ready for use, and she was surprised she hadn’t noticed them before, or, noticed that Ian had arranged them so orderly. She figured he must’ve done this during the time he was talking to her, that same time she had closed her eyes to concentrate on controlling her “turned-on juices.”  

The one she ***ed most was the black riding crop. That one really stung. It was the one he used to spank her thighs after she had shortened her skirt without his permission, and now she wondered if that would be the next weapon selected to punish her with. Given the fact that she had been a brat all week, the chances of it being the “chosen one” looked very promising.

When he stopped spanking her, she could feel him reaching over for the next implement. She braced herself for the sting of the crop, but instead he had picked up the wooden hairbrush, which was slightly less ***ful than the crop, and began using that on her reddening bottom, making her squirm and shout out over and over again how “sorry” she was, but to little effect!... The fact he hadn’t reached for the crop, worried her. The hairbrush was his third favourite ‘go-to’ punishment tool of choice. He only ever used the hairbrush, when he wanted to ensure she could endure more punishments, because, again, it was slightly less ***ful than the Crop.

She quickly realised that he was building up the severity of her admonishment. “First he started with his hand, now he’s giving me the hairbrush, next, it’s going to be that ***y Crop!” She felt sorry for herself and it was in this moment that she remembered the old Chinese saying:

“Be careful what you wish for... because you-just-might-get-it.” And now, here she was.

It was also at this point, she began to rue the moment she foolishly thought that really pissing him off was a good idea. Her bottom was by now getting quite sore as the hairbrush turned it a bright shade of red, matching the red of her face cheeks. Just the way he liked it. After a few more spanks in the sweet spot, that space between her bottom cheeks and thighs, where she would most squirm or call out, he stopped.

Suddenly, he ***fully pulled her up from his lap, stood up himself and led her over to the sofa, and without saying a word, pushed her roughly over the back of it. Then, once she’d fallen into position, he carefully pulled up her skirt, tucking the bottom of it into its own waistband, making sure that nothing would get in the way. “Wait there” he told her gruffly, “I’ve got to get something”, but before moving away, he warned her menacingly “don’t move a muscle”, his tone inferring dire consequences should he return and she was not in the position he had left her in... She didn’t move a muscle. She ***ed that even though she couldn’t see him, he might still be in the room, lurking, silently watching, just waiting to catch her out, like he had done in the past, so she stayed as still as a field mouse in long grass with its predator very close by, as if her life, or at least the sanctity of her poor very sore ass, depended on it.  

As Ian left the room, she was left to ponder WHAT he was getting. From past experience of previous big f*ck ups It could be anything. Maybe he was going to get the enema bag and towel, or something to tie her up with, or something that he would use to hurt her private area. She just didn’t know, her mind began to race and the waiting was becoming intolerable. The only thing she now knew for certain, or so she thought, was that the Crop would not be the next implement he’d use on her.... because that was already in the room before he left...”If he was going to whack me again”, she thought, “then whatever he’s planning to use is going to be much, much worse than that ***y crop, and bigger too. Something that obviously wouldn’t have fitted in that rolled-up towel, which could only mean”.............

Suddenly he was back and she felt the thin long feel of his cane pressed up against her bottom, this was his most favourite punishment tool. Her tummy flipped. She knew how this felt. It hurt, it hurt a lot!!
He told her she was going to take 30 strokes of his cane and that she had to be very good and hold her position. Something she struggled with at times.

“30?” she said sheepishly and somewhat alarmed. “That’s a lot... I, I don’t think I can survive that.”

“You will!” he said sternly and in a way that strongly implied it was an order not a request.

“Why’d you think I used the Hairbrush instead of the Crop, hmm?... this way you’ll have enough capacity left to endure this, one stroke for everyday you’ve been a *** over the last three weeks!”

“But... but... that’s only 21days” she stammered.

“The other nine are for good measure and to act as your incentives not to push your luck this far again!!” he replied, this time, with clear anger in his voice.

“Okay, I understand, I’m very, very sorry” she said meekly.

As she said those words, the Chinese saying from earlier popped back into her head... “Be careful what you wish for, because you, just, might, GET IT.” And here she was, wishing she had heeded more carefully those prophetic words.

“Yes, you will be” he said.

He began and she tried to hold her position as best she could as he brought the cane down time, after time, after time, after time, constantly reminding her after each strike to keep still, and when she did, rewarding her by telling her how much of a good girl she was being. Once he reached 30, he stopped, and she was very relieved, she couldn’t have taken another stroke. However, he hadn’t finished with her quite just yet. She knew it too, and waited patiently for whatever next he had planned to do to her. She was exhausted and had no fight left in her, all her energy had been spent enduring her punishment, so whatever it was, she would passively receive it. In addition, she was hot, very, very sore and feeling a little dizzy after being caned and bent over the back of the sofa for so long.

Suddenly she felt his fingers push deep inside her pussy, the intrusion startled her, causing her to gasp loudly, and, briefly took her breath away. She was wet and his fingers slid in easily. A fact she found horribly embarrassing as her body had betrayed her yet again even though she was still sore from the spankings and caning she had just received.

“Still wet from earlier I see” he said smugly as he started fingering her. She said nothing, but her body reacted to this intrusion and stimulus. Initially, by subtle little involuntary twitches, but the twitches quickly became less subtle and more severe and overt. She tried in vain to stop but soon realised she was powerless to do so, likewise with the soft groaning noises she was beginning to emit at the same time, getting louder and louder in sync with the growing intensity of the feelings inside her. It wasn’t long before a “Mmmmmmmm” was the last sound she made before convulsing and bucking more vigorously to the touch of his fingers that were mercilessly teasing, flicking, probing and rubbing her clitoris and vagina all at the same time, building up the well of her emotions into a crescendo of pure explicit pleasure before............

Suddenly she came, and found herself squirting all over his hand, and over the back of the sofa, but this time, she didn’t care that her juices were now in full flow. She suffered multiple orgasms and it took a little while before she stopped orgasming... but, when she did, she knew he still hadn’t finished with her. “What’s next?” she thought as she lay bent over the back of the sofa in a large wet patch of her own juices, flushed and panting. Her very, very sore and well striped ass was on full display and made for a very alluring sight, so she soon got her answer when she heard him slowly pull down the zipper fly on his trousers, which could only mean one thing. He was going to put his penis inside her and he wouldn’t stop until he was done. After all, he’d just made her cum, now it was his turn.

She braced herself for the sudden stretch she would feel when he would push inside her vagina, but Just before he did so, he said to her, “Remember the last time?” she was confused when he said this, “what happened the last time?” she thought to herself, but she barely had time to remember the ‘last time’ before she found herself involuntarily  wincing, squealing and crying out in shock as he started to push inside her... because it was only at that moment she realised his fully hard, lengthy and girthy penis was being inserted straight into her anus instead, and she knew once in he wouldn’t stop pumping it until he was done.... and Ian had stamina!... and it was also at that same moment she suddenly remembered what had happened the last time... she had worn a thong instead of the white knickers she had been instructed to wear, so Ian had told her... “If you like things that go up between your ass cheeks, then I’ll give you something that does more than that!”... And here he was, doing exactly what he told her he would do.

“Do you remember now?”

“Yes” she replied.

“That’s my good girl,”

“You’re going to take it all now, aren’t you?” he said, but more in the way of a confirmation than an actual question.  

There was a pause, and then, she replied with something she had never said before...

 “Yes Daddy.”

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