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Dreams of the Stranger Part Two


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A strange man visits a waitress in her dreams which begin to creep into reality. ((Contains body manipulation, biting, non-consent, ***d consent, bondage, clothes removal, teasing and edging and ***d orgasams))


They finished talking and Annie stripped out of her underwear and went to the bathroom, as she stepped through the door it occurred to her how strange that was. She never walked through her apartment naked like that, she would at least have underwear on. Quickly she forgot about that as the steam from the shower filled the small room. Annie stepped under the water and felt comforted by the warm deluge.

She lathered up a loofa and began to massage the soap into her skin with both hands. One was wrapped around her on a shoulder the other on her stomach. As she got lost in the dreamlike wonder of the shower she leaned against the wall under the shower head, soaking her hair, as a hand massaged her inner thigh. As she relaxed into the touch it suddenly occurred to her that both her hands were being used to brace her against the wall.

She whipped her head around to see who was there with her, but her damp hair clung to her face, obscuring her vision. She didn’t live with anyone, someone broke into the apartment and was in the shower with her! She looked forward and saw two long arms wrapped around hers, two large hands pinning hers to the wall. She could feel a body pressed against her back, and something hard pressing into her lower back. She didn’t know what it was, but nothing she thought of comforted her. She struggled against the hands holding her, as a mouth pressed against her ear. A deep breathy voice said, “I’ve always wondered what you look like in here, pet.”

Annie tried to scream, but inhaled nothing but water and hair. She felt a foot pushing her feet apart as whatever had been pressing into her lower back began to trail down her crack, and as it began to push against it she suddenly felt a yearning to know what it would feel like. She began to relax a bit as she took long steady breaths in and out through her clenched teeth. She could feel her pussy getting wet, but not from the shower.

The voice returned to her ear. “That’s it, little pet, it’s so much easier if you don’t fight. Be a good girl, and I won’t hurt you. Much.”

She suddenly felt a sharp *** in her shoulder. Whoever this psycho is just bit her! She could feel whatever the object was starting to push forward, her cheeks starting to part as his teeth sank in and held. Finally Annie got a deep enough breath that she screamed at the top of her lungs and pushed against the wall.

Suddenly she was falling backwards, her ass landing on the non-slip mat on the floor of the tub. There was no one behind her, she didn’t hear anyone else in the bathroom. She wrapped her arms around her knees and began to cry a bit. What was going on? What were these dreams about? And why do they always feel so good?

She turned the shower off and crawled out wrapping herself in a towel. She reaches back to where she was bitten and of course there was nothing there, she was about to relax a bit when she got a look at her wrists. There were light bruises forming, as if someone had been grasping her wrists tightly. She began drying herself off and getting dressed for bed, a black tank top and a pair of red boy briefs. As she sat on the bed she suddenly jumped up, scared of what would happen if she started to drift off.

She stood staring at it for a few moments trying to decide if she wanted to get in or not. Annie begins to pace back and forth, chewing on her thumbnail. Her eyes grow heavy and the more she blinks them, the longer they stay closed. She feels a hand on her back, guiding her to the bed, Annie lays down and curls up on her side, in the fetal position.

Some time later, there is a tickle on her foot, she kicks out but it soon comes back. Annie opens her eyes to see she left her bedroom light on, and the tickle at her foot is her bedsheet. Annie lets out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and drops her head back down to the pillow. Soon she feels something tighten around her ankle and pull her leg towards the corner. She looks up and sees a white rope popping out of the mattress.

“No. No, no! Help! Help me!!” Annie pulls at her leg trying to get it free, suddenly she feels a similar strength around her neck, pulling her back down to the mattress. Her hands come up to pull at the magical rope choking her, but more ropes appear and wrap around them pulling her arms out. Soon her other leg is similarly wrapped and she finds herself spread eagle on her own bed. She tries to let out a scream but another rope wraps around her head and her cry is muffled by magical bindings. More rope materialize and wrap around her thighs, chest and upper arms. She’s completely strapped down to her own bed and couldn’t feel more ***.

She still tries to scream and fight against the bindings to no avail. Just as she’s starting to tire she hears a haunting voice. “You look so sexy when you struggle, little pet.”

Annie stops and stares at The Stranger wide eyed, her breaths coming out hard and fast. He slowly walks up to the girl and looks over her. “I have been wanting to get you here for some time. This would be so much easier if you didn’t fight it. Remember how much you were enjoying yourself on this bed just a short time ago?” Annie’s mind foods with memories of herself laid out on the bed, one hand on her chest the other playing with her pussy. Her eyes close as she gives in to the feelings and the ropes holding her mouth retract. As she flexes her jaw the ropes at her chest snake up and begin to entwine around her breasts, lightly squeezing them and the ends flick against her nipples, which are now so erect it’s almost ***ful. One of the ropes around her thigh snakes up and crawls up the leg of her briefs, she can feel it grazing her pussy, now becoming soaked in excitement.

“See, it’s not so bad, pet. All that time you resisted me when I came to visit you in the waking world. If you only gave in like this the first night I came to visit you in your dreams I wouldn’t have had to go this far.” Her eyes were closed as she started to give in to the teasing ropes working at her tits and pussy, but she can still feel his piercing eyes on her body. “You squirm so well to my toys, pet. Do you wish for me to touch you?”

The rope at her neck tightens a bit and she is having a bit of trouble taking in deep breaths, and it only adds to the excitement. She’s surprised to hear he own voice. “Mmmm, yes, yes. Please touch me. I never admit it out loud, but I love the feeling of your hands on mine. Like electricity flowing over my skin.” He approaches and the rope on her thighs and crotch retract. She lets out an unhappy sound. “Huuuuunh, noooo. Bring it back!” She’s shocked at her pleas coming from her own mouth. She told herself he was making her say it, but she was lying.

He placed a hand on her bare thigh and a slight tingle ran up her leg to her dripping pussy, her bindings offering enough give to lift her hips off the bed. “Huuuh, hmmm, yes. Please keep going. Pleeeease!” His hand is removed and the pleasant sensation disapates. “Hmmmm, no please. I’m begging you, please.”

He hooks a finger under the hem of her top and begins to slowly pull it up off her body. Suddenly he grabs the top with both hands and tears the garment in half and exposes her bare chest and belly. He cups her breasts in his hands and that pleasant feeling once again floods her chest, her breasts feel like they swell a bit and her nipples stand up so straight they feel like they could pop off. Annie’s mouth falls open and the rope at her neck tightens more and she emits a moan so low and primal she barley recognizes it. She arches her back, trying to get as much of her captor’s touch as she can. The Stranger takes his hands away again and her back slumps back to the bed and the neck rope eases up. She take a deep breath in.

“Auuugh, oh god. Please touch me more. I want your touch so bad.”

“Only when you learn to call me ‘Master,’ and talk like the dirty slut you are, will I give you what you desire, pet.”

“Huuuughn, Master, please touch me again. I love the feel of your hands on my tits. It makes me want to cum so badly, Master!” He touches a finger to one of her ***ful nipples and she feels like her back is going to break In half as it arches back up. “Aaaaaahhhh, thank you, Master!” He pinches the nipple and gives it a slight twist sliding his fingers off as he pulls.

Once again her back hit the mattress and she struggles to get her breathing under control. He takes her briefs and again with no problems rips them open. She is now completely nude and splayed out for The Stranger. She lets out several pitiful moans imagining what he will do next. “What do you want now, pet? I want to hear you beg.”

“Please, please Master. I want you to fuck me. I want to be ***d while you’re inside me. I want it so bad Master, please.”

He places a hand on the bed next to her and leans in. “No.” He grins as she lets out a pitiful dejected moan. “But does my pet want to cum?”

Again, as the neck rope tightens, that primal moans escapes her lips. “Hhuuuugnnhhh, yes Master. I want to cum for you.”

He leans in and presses his mouth to her breast, taking it into his mouth and gently sucking. That alone feels incredible, somehow it’s bracingly chilly and also relaxingly warm. But to top it off his hand went to her crotch and touched a single finger to her hood. It was like the worlds best vibrator being pressed against her, and Annie tosses her head back and her eyes rolled around. Just when she think she can’t take anymore the finger hooks and makes contact with her clit as she gasps for breath. “Fuaaaaack, yeaaaaaas!”

She expels the last of her breath from her lungs as ecstasy ravages her body, her whole body arching in the bed before collapsing again. Her eyes began to flutter up and down, and finally she blacks out with a whisper in her ear. “I’ll see you tomorrow night, pet, have my meal ready at 8:30.”

((Author’s Notes: This has been a work of FICTION and was not intended to depict or fetishize any real persons or events. If you enjoyed this story, check my profile for more. If you have any ideas or requests, my DMs are open.))
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