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Simple Rules


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They’ve very simple, the rules. 

Eyes on the floor unless I tell you

Otherwise. Hands don’t touch things

I don’t tell you to touch. And you cock

Doesn’t spurt unless I’ve told you it can.

Not so hard, is it? So why, why pet, 

Can you not follow them?


Do you like it, standing in the corner,

Nose to the wall, naked back on display,

Your hands behind your back, hands

Smarting where I’ve rapped you knuckles

Hard with a wooden ruler. I don’t do role

Play; is this how you live out your 

Naughty fantasy of the teacher and the 

Bad boy student? Is that why your

Cock stands to attention the more

I ignore you, demean you, over there

Like a recalcitrant child? 


I like it when you’re a good boy. An 

eager subby. When you trip over yourself

Rushing to obey my instructions, 

When you listen, drop into the position

I’ve demanded. Muscles twitching as

You strain to hold it. I like it when you

Strain to please me. And you should

Please me. You want to be rewarded, 

Don’t you?

That’s hot, ah to stand in your corner, but better to worship at your feet.
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