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Restraint boards

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Just wondering if anyone here is experienced in using restraint boards or device bondage equipment?

I’m not talking your ‘ordinary’ X-shaped bondage beds or racks, here. I’m talking ‘screwed-to-the-floor’ systems such as the modular balustrade and railing systems that are sometimes used for extreme device bondage situations. It’s always struck me that these types of kit are most definitely not quick-release and have heavy engineering support requirements, such as steel cutoff saws and the like.

I’ve found that a simple piece of 18mm plywood, 20mm builders’ steel band and some woodscrews do a fantastic job. Builders’ band has holes every few millimetres, so it’s easy to adjust the size easily. Once restrained by this, you’re simply not getting out of it. Cloth or foam pipe lagging can be wrapped around the band to improve comfort. Pulleys and cleats can be used to pull limbs into the desired positions before securing with banding. The head can be secured with two bands, diagonally opposed where required. A band can be used with a suitable wrap-around to secure a gag or breath play device. Having a solid plywood base to secure things to gives the potential also to fasten machines or toys securely so that there’s absolutely no escape. Cushions or pillows can be used to adjust the restrainee’s position.

Cutting the plywood sheet into 6 pieces at 600mm x 800mm makes transport infinitely easier. 8 small squares of plywood at 150mm square can then be used as cleats to fasten the pieces together. This also gives the option to create sides to the arrangement, perfect for pulling the knees or ankles back for certain restraint positions.

I designed a very versatile and infinitely changeable modular system with a total of two full 1200mm x 2400mm sheets of 18mm plywood, cut into smaller pieces, that can be arranged into a huge variety of different styles of restraint assembly, allowing the restrainee to be put into almost any position that is physically possible. Included in the design is a head, wrist and ankle restraint provision, along with leg spreader facilities.

Obviously there is some time required to assemble all this into the desired arrangement, but the benefit is the total control granted to the Dom and the absolute ***ness bestowed upon the Sub, these  usually being so craved by all parties who are into this kind of thing. A little joinery experience is great, but as long as you can use a cordless driver, anyone can use this system. You do of course also need a clear floor area of about 1.5m x 2.7m to set it all up. Or you can use a partial setup in a more restricted space. And you can also use a partial setup on a bed if desired.

A coat of varnish makes the surface easy to clean after a play session. After a while, some areas will have a lot of screw holes and will be a bit scruffy. However, these holes can be filled, the surface sanded and more varnish applied to restore the finish. And of course, the boards can be rotated and flipped to give at least four areas of usage, thereby further extending the life. Looked after, such a setup should give many years of good service. And if you do have to replace it, decent quality plywood is only £40 ish a sheet. Bargain!

So then there’s the wrist, knee and ankle loops for hauling your Sub(s) into the right position prior to securing them with the steel bands. Most people use a slip knot loop, but this can tighten too much and restrict the *** flow. Not good for keeping your limbs alive! It’s really easy to tie a loop that will only slip so far, before stopping short of tightening too much, thus maintaining good *** circulation. A climbers’ harness waistband is excellent for securing the waist as there are usually loads of gear loops to fasten to.

If anyone has advice to add or needs to ask specific questions, please, share it all!


I had to read this a few times to get a visual but this is a cracking good idea, Fredddy.  You could really upmarket this finish wise; maybe make some 'standard' holes to use and sell the idea.  Bondage board wise, there's not a lot out there readily available apart from 'fold-up travel' type ones.


Vandalslut encouraged me to check out this thread.  I might have an idea or two.  I once ran a "Bondage Night" show at an underground nightclub in San Francisco.  For this, I had to develop equipment that could be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported.  So, I might have an idea or two.

But, enough about me.  I like Vandalslut's idea of predrilled holes.  As for more quick release, have you considered carriage bolts, that can be pushed up from underneath?  The bolts and straps could then be fastened with wing nuts, for more quick release.  You really want to be able to release the sub as quickly as possible at the end of a scene.  It's no fun if they come down from their high, before they're free.

Have you considered building a portable stand, to support your board at a 45 degree angle?  This could add to the bondage effect, as well as make it easier to insert the carriage bolts from underneath.

Just an idea---this is really your project.  Do you think you could find a hide of furniture leather large enough to cover your board?  Pockets would be sewn into the corners of this leather, so it could be slipped over your board, when desired.  Holes would be punched in the leather to match the predrilled holes in your board.  Metal grommets would be pressed into those punched holes, to give the leather more support.  If successful, it might give your board a more evil look, as well as a more sensuous feel.

Was any of this of help?  Or, is my mental image of your board totally off base?  You may be aiming for a totally different ambiance.


Yes indeed! Unfortunately, I am 4392 miles away! I will explain more about the pre-drilled holes and T nuts and various other features in due course, but it’s the principle and general concept that I wanted to convey. It just seems to me that in order to create effective scenarios that are convincing and therefore rewarding for both players, the restraint side of things needs to be robust, solid and secure. Restraining your sub to parts of flimsy decorative furniture just doesn’t cut it!


Maybe you could get together in cyberspace and exchange photos or drawings and such like.  What you're planning is very robust and secure, there's no argument with that!;)


It just seems to me that in order to create effective scenarios that are convincing and therefore rewarding for both players, the restraint side of things needs to be robust, solid and secure. Restraining your sub to parts of flimsy decorative furniture just doesn’t cut it!

Plus, there is something to be said about the psychological effect of securing a slave with power tools!

Now that I think of it, the dom who initiated the nightclub show (the one I mentioned above) had a similar idea.  But, his never got past the concept stage and a few crude drawings.  Just a couple weeks after the show's opening, he had to quit and leave the area---family troubles, I think.  That's how I got abruptly elected to take over the reins.  Don't know if he ever brought his project to reality.


We use what is pretty much a modified picnic table built in our basement. It's sturdy, easy to clean, easy to modify buy adding cleats and such.

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Any chance of pictures of any of the above?  All sounds really interesting, and would love to see 

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