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On 12/9/2019 at 9:17 AM, quietlysure said:

How do pick up on things when youre unable to read body language, by this I don't mean just in a fetish/kink sense, but in a normal sense, many times now after the event people say she really fancied you, and I sit there thinking,Really? I never got that impression

Body language is a universal thing. Do not give up. It is always there.

If you struggling to see it, you might be looking not in the right place.

Tells given by eyes, hand gestures and facial expressions are of course most visible, but they are far not the main/most important.

Some people might try to mislead you to hide the truth by giving "false" tells. Especially if they have basic knowledge of body language and have reasons for it to hide. But most of them do not realize that the majority of our body language is ***. It means that how hard you wouldn't try to hide it - you will never trick your limbic system on this case. While you thought about it - you already lost. You want it or not, but if you have in front of you a good body reader you will give him all info even without saying a thing.

Also some people might appear to you as their body language is very chaotic and opposite to usual responses you had with other people. It doesn't mean straight away that they are misleading you, no. This could turn out as how their body is built and how they respond. Never forget that we are all different. Inside no less as outside, as our responses to stimulations.

Some people might look for memories with eye movement to the right, instead of standard left. It doesn't mean they are lying to you or making things up. Check it how consistent and on which occasions it happens. You have to keep an eye for a while on this person's body language and seek a pattern by "poking" the soil with the right stick.

Keep an eye on feet, chest movement and breathing patterns. How silly it would not sound, but the neck gives a lot aswell.

If you are interested on developing your body language skills I would recommend to read "What every body is saying" by Joe Navarro.

Concise, well comprehensive and not hudge book.

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Nope, still not happening, even when chatting in pm on here with a lady I don't know if she's actually interested


Guess it's just my genophobia that kicks in

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