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Braces fetish


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Hey! I'm new to all of this.

I have an orthodontic braces fetish (on adult woman, of course).

Today I saw a woman about 35 years with metal braces which was incredibly hot, and I had to sign up to here to ask...

It's a long shot, but is there any chance ANY woman on here have a braces fetish, or wouldn't mind being involved in one in exchange for their fetish being realised?

(Ps, I have very realistic fake braces (metal) and headgear that I can wear myself, which is hot. But I am also most turned on by seeing braces on adult woman)

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Love the look of older adult women in braces.  I am actually considering trying to get braces again. I have even considered realistic fake braces from online or Etsy to satisfy my braces fetish.

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Leg braces are a must for me. Just love the feel of the leather and metal constraining my legs. I also love my full orthopaedic back and neck braces. Seeing others is also so sexy

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