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If you are into chastity, key holder or caged, do you do this as a session or is it a lifestyle for you? 

Ive experienced it as a short session and wonder if I could go long term 24/7. It would be interesting to hear from other, and do share what cage/device you prefer.


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The longest I have been locked up full time  (apart from being unlocked to shower under supervision) is 3 weeks Obvious my Mistress didn't miss out on orgasms making me go down on her regularly 

Can get uncomfortable over night but if it's properly fitted doesn't put too much I used silicon lube on the ring to stop it being really uncomfortable and allows a bit bit of movement

For long term chastity we have a cb - 6000

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Missed of the chastiy device
I am very very interested in being locked in chastity

Trying to work towards long ter lock up, but will need to ensure of the right cage. Thinking of suggesting Holy Trainer. 

Anyone had long term lock up in one?

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I've never tried this but it is still on the list. I have had a Dom deprive me from having orgasms for days. Sometimes up to 2 weeks. (I did sneak the odd one if I could 😋) I found it was quite powerful in making me even more submissive and willing to do anything to get a relief. And performing ever more kinky  requests just made me even more horny!! This is why I still keep it on the list. It's the thought of having no possible access to that relief till all the acts I am made to perform are done and he is completely satisfied.

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I've never tried this but it is still on the list. 

It's not just not being about to touch yourself as that's only a small part of it From asking to be unlocked because you want to shower to the uncomfortable night time erections .Satisfying someone with oral only  to be told you don't deserve to cum 

The having to sit down in the toilet if you need a wee then trying to clean any drips with toilet paper. 

Don't even get me started if you have to go out while caged that's a whole different ball game Picking right clothes so doesn't show to much and back to the while toilet situation My mistress can also be naughty and turn me on Knowing it's very uncomfortable

Personally we both enjoy it and it's part of what we are 


Thank you for the insight. It is appreciated. There are aspects I hadn't really considered.  I will admit from what you have described I do feel trying this is sounding far more interesting to me. It does sound as if it achieves more with two to create a good dynamic. I imagine you have to understand each others needs very well. What would get me off is the end release after the unknown length of restraint and being made to perform and teasing. Do you find at the end it is has enhanced the relief you finally get?

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