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For Bi women and Lesbians

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It is near impossible to find - from my perspective as a Domme - submissive women who want a Dominant woman. 

Are others having similar issues? It would also be interesting to hear from the opposite end, are the submissive women who would like a Dominant female experiencing the same?


The floor is yours for discussion. 

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I think many D/S are looking for a LTR & the majority seem to either be straight or looking to bring in a 3rd wheel at a later date as a kink factor into an already established relationship. Personally I have only been approached by Males (who are deterred when I state I’m not looking for a ltr) or by Couples whilst I’ve been a sub. During my time as a Dom I was approached by all sexes. I guess it also depends how far along into their bdsm path they are on what they are open to explore maybe?! For me as a Sub I will always class myself as ‘in training’ as there is always something or someone new to experience

I love lick sweat pussy when my husbend shag me in beck


I'm new to all of this so forgive me if my terms arent correct.

I want to find a Switch for an LTR. I had a short relationship first time kink relationship with a Dom who wanted to experiment with switching. We both loved it but long distance killed the relationship.

She said that type of relationship is hard to find. Is this true?

I just want to find a life partner who is the ONLY person I'd submit to. Then throw her down and let my beast out.