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The pungent sweaty smell of a beautiful woman

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Im completely new to this site and this forum. There seems to be loads of different fetishes on here but I don't seem to find anything related to pungent smell of sweat, whether it comes from armpits or between the breasts. Is it some obscure fetish or something many like but no one dares to talk about?

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I wouldn't think it's really an obscure fetish my friend. Maybe it's more of a case that many people like myself who do love the smell of the opposite sex's body odor and sweat simply don't consider it necessarily a kink, just part of them appreciating the opposite sex. I guess it also depends on how strongly your attracted to that pungent smell and what you do to show how much you like it. Personally I find the smell of a partner a huge aphrodisiac and the taste that their own sweat leaves on their skin is a salty delight, but I have never really considered it a fetish.
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On 7/24/2018 at 4:20 PM, Stinkyassworship said:

I love it all. Especially a sweaty ass

Please message me 🤣

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Nothing better than the musky smell of a ladies butt hole! 



I can thrill at the taste of sweaty woman.  Love when she workout and is layered with sweat  .  Oh yummy yummy.


I can accept/enjoy even, most  musky smells some women have. I have to hold my breath at some perfumes other women wear.


I agree the musk yes many pufumes hard to take.  Love when woman squirting fills my mouth