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The Hobbyist Photographer

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It had been months since they had first chatted about it and finally he was on his way to hers to do his first photo shoot in years.

OK, it had cost him half a days annual leave but he would have gladly have taken a full days leave unpaid just to spend time with her.
The day for this couldn't have been better, mid autumn, sun out but due to set early evening, he could already picture in his head some of the low light through window shots that he hoped to get.

5 minutes until arrival at her place.

In a strange way he wasn't even sure what it was about her.
He always felt his pulse race a touch when he even got the simplest of messages from her, let alone the more risque ones.
But it was far, far more than that.
Just discussing the weather was fun with her, the good mornings, the good nights.....just to know you had been in somebody's else's thoughts for a moment long enough for them to message you.

He's mind wandered about what she might be wearing as she would open the door to him.
It didn't matter in some ways, he was expecting just nothing more than the simple lingerie shoot with possibility of implied nude should it go well enough.

Finally, that was her place just up the road.

He pulled up outside and started to feel as though the whole street was watching him...he walked round to the boot of the car and nervously started to get the couple of bags out that held his basic photography equipment.
Although the day was cool, he started to feel a hot blush roll over him as he shut the boot and headed towards her door.

A momentary pause as he lifted his hand to knock....the it was too late to back out as his hand made contact with the door.

Without warning and what felt like only a moments pause of time, the door opened to find her stood there, clothed in a soft white thin almost see through material, a kind of short loose fitting dress gently pulled in at the waist by a delicate tie its loose ends falling down to the floor.

She stood back, waved him in and said something which didn't even register in his mind due to nervous internal voice telling him that this was all stupid...how he hated that voice.

He put his bags down and followed her into the kitchen...he guessed that she might have offered him a drink and that he had accepted.

The light coming through the window as she filled the kettle resulted in a slight silhouette if her body against her dress.
Her shaped figure looked perfect to him and as she turned his eyes fell on her upper torso and the outline of her breasts, nipples just aroused.
He could look at her form all day....and then he realised that she wasn't moving and that she had in fact caught him staring at her body...
Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!
He slowly looked up, and then looked into her eyes and started to mumble some dumbarse school kid level type excuse... she didn't even wait to let him try to explain, just cut across his words and asked if he'd finished staring at her yet.

Embarrassed as could be, how the hell else could he screw this up..

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