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Macrophilia or microphilia?

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Heya ! Ive noticed something that is not found on the site which are macrophilia  ,the fetish to be big or grow big in height and size like a giant , these people are mostly doms and love having small people to play with in the most cases feet. The people who loves to be shrinked down to size called microphilia which i am , these people usually like being dominated by their God giants or giantess with feet or the other common thing is being eaten which im not into .

I wonder if is someone into this size difference , or size play on the site cuz as ive realised it's kinda rare .

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Not my scene but...hey...all fetish are good fetish
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Yep, pretty much the same as you, being shrunk and used, maybe rarely comes up because not very much we can do with it, but thanks for bringing it up, would be cool to have a "munch" event for it


This site really needs to word this fetish option on the list as "Macrophilia/Microphilia", while also giving a brief description on the micro aspect of it. A giant lady wrecking towns isn't at all how I envision this fantasy. They go together, yet two totally different things...