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Looking for advice on using ropes and restraints. Never done before and want to do it safely


there are a whole bunch of books 

Two Knotty Boys also have a bunch of tutorials on youtube

and I second workshops - it's Rope Peer Workshops you're usually looking for.

But in short - get good quality rope with a little bit friction, but not too much it'll burn.

Actually learn ties rather than wing it, so you can't make anything that will slip and choke someone or cut off circulation

always carry safety scissors

don't leave anyone with arms (or legs) raised too long

never leave someone restrained alone

when releasing someone there may be a rush of blood, they may be dizzy, having tea/coffee and sugary snacks to hand are advisable.

My list is by no means exhaustible. 

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Attending rope workshops and peer rope groups is a must as is learning basic anatomy. Nerve damage is a real possibility when using rope as a restraint so learning where not to tie is as important as learning how to tie

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Check out Watts the safe word on YouTube.