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Scratching Fetish

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Been in the scene for many years, although currently in a vanilla relationship.

Wanted to gather opinions. One of the things that has always turned me on is being scratched hard. My back is great. However the most amazing feeling is scratching at the base of my pubic hair. Not on my genitals, say you hold your legs closed and place your finger at the base of the pubis just as the lips begin to appear. There. I can't stop scratching as it's so intensely arousing. I scratch until a bleed.

A little research reveals it could be acarophilia but there seems to be no info out there. 

Does anyone else experience this? Would love to have someone who understands....

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Getting scratched is one of my biggest fantasies and I love to get deeply and wildly scratched until I bleed

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I love to scratch, dragging my nails down my own or that special someones flesh, leaving trail of where you hve been.

Looking for meetings to be scratched and bitten. Scratched ranging from quick slashes of the nails to long, slow, hard strokes. Bites like love bites, starting slowly, building up the pressure, pausing at various pain levels or starting a fresh bite at a different location - and returning later. Anything red is a bonus, needle and blade play doable with the right partner. Where are all the scratchers and biters hiding?